Film Screening: The World Before Her | *Award Winning* |
20 March 5-7pm

The International Development Research Network and the Liu Institute for Global Issues present

Wednesday, March 20, 5:00pm-7:00pm

Liu Institute for Global Issues (Multipurpose Room)

RSVP now! (limited space): idrn.ubc [at] gmail.com

“Indian-Canadian filmmaker Nisha Pahuja’s documentary …[is a] thought-provoking film that examines women’s limited choices in a patriarchal country reeling from the contradictions of rapid modernization. Along the way, it highlights how such concepts as oppression, empowerment and dignity can be manipulated for political purposes.”

-The Guardian

“On the one hand, there’s the extremely popular Miss India contest, which overnight can turn a dirt-poor girl into a superstar in this nation of one billion people. But just a handful of hopefuls get to try out, as we see in a beauty boot camp for 20 girls in a Mumbai hotel, where sexism and degradation are commonplace and Botox and skin-bleaching are recommended even for teens…

…On the other hand, there are the fashion-averse teachers of Durga Vahini, the women’s wing of Hindu fundamentalism. They have their own boot camp indoctrination sessions designed to make women subservient to men — and also to preach hatred against Muslims and Christians.”

-The Star


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