Anthropology Event on Development in Northern Canada

The Anthropology Graduate Students Association (AGSA) will be hosting Conversations in Anthropology: “The Risks and Values of Development in Northern Canada”. This will be the first annual event of ‘Conversation in Anthropology’. in an effort to disseminate scholarship, generate thoughtful discussion around complex issues in our world, and provide a venue for interdisciplinary explorations of these issues.

The Speakers will include Dr. Bruce Miller, Anthropology; Rick Ouellet, First Nations Studies; Caleb Behn, environmental law and sustainability; Dr. Ralph Matthews, Sociology, social and economic development and public policy; Joe Foy, National Campaign Director for the BC Wilderness Committee; Dr. Janis Sarra, law and economics

This year’s conversation centers around issues related to resource development and industrialization in Canada’s north and its value to and impact on local communities, including those of First Nations.

The event will be a monitored panel discussion with Q &A. There will be a reception with complementary snacks and refreshments beginning at 8 PM.

When: March 14th, 2013, 6-9 PM

Where: Michael M. Ames Theatre at the Museum of Anthropology, UBC, 6393 N.W. Marine Drive Vancouver, B.C

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