Introducing Iris


Hello METers! This journey in MET has definitely been quite a ride! There have been many courses and now the end in is in sight! My name is Iris Chan and I am currently the vice principal at Sino Bright International School. It is an offshore program offering a Canadian BC program halfway across the world. The international education market has grown exponentially in China with almost every member of the younger generation being thrown into learning English in some form or another. I came to China 3 years ago and currently have no plans to return to Vancouver unless it is to enjoy the nice summers during my holiday! I am currently teaching Language Arts courses at my school with a focus on Grade 10 ESL students.


I am looking forward to exploring the business perspectives of learning ventures and it will certainly give me a lot of food for thought amidst my own life here. Hopefully, the course is going to give me a wide range of perspectives and develop my own thoughts, feelings and opinions regarding this matter. I am looking forward to using a blog as means of completing a course. This will be a chance from the Vista learning platform and the routine that comes along with it.

Links About Me

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That’s all fellow METers! I am looking forward to learning with all of you!

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1 Ernest Pao { 09.09.09 at 4:13 pm }

Hi Iris,

You’re right, it will be nice to take on an ETEC through a blog rather than the same “old” Vista CMS as with the other courses. It’ll certainly add to the learning experience. Look forward to your perspectives again in this course.



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