Greetings from Kathleen

Greetings all,

I am looking forward to the 7th and 8th courses this fall, and can’t wait to learn more about this topic.

I live on a lovely Niagara horse farm, and have many irons in the fire in addition to the MET program.

I started into educational  digital media in 1993, and have since been lucky enough to be involved in many facets of project management, design, and development on disc, in print, and online. I have been a consultant since ’96, and am currently the online editorial manager for a public-facing website for the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. I also coach communication skills for veterinary students in f2f labs, and do clinical practice to pay the bills (MET tuition and such). I am currently an online instructor for University of Guelph, for Equine Nutrition, and have recently been involved in extensive course updates. I write for popular magazines, and have recently finished work on a couple of textbooks. I have also been a medical dictionary and popular press book editor.

For one project, I was involved as a manager for a group in the US. They developed a large website with many thousands of interfaces and the first online publishing template system. They did the project with millions in VC support (and they did the dotcom crash)



I learned a lot from that experience about venturing into the world of very large web development projects.

Our family enjoys time at the cottage and skiing, and in my spare time, I enjoy photography and acrylic painting (what spare time may you ask?). My children are 21 and 16, and the light of my life.

Looking forward to getting to know all of you online this semester,

may the wind always be at your back,



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