Hello everyone – looking forward to our learning ventures

Hello fellow learning venture students and learning facilitators. This is my eighth MET course and the end is in sight but I do not find myself in a hurry to end this experience other then the timeline as I feel this is a lifelong learning development. I continue to be optimistic that I will be able to integrate the experiences I have had in the MET program to meet and motivate the increasingly diverse learning needs of my students. My main challenge continues to be finding time to develop my skills but then again who doesn’t. I live on Vancouver Island in a place called Mill Bay and I teach courses at the secondary school in Duncan. Currently they are Sci and Tech 11, First Nations 12, Planning 10 and remedial math. I look forward to working with you all through this course. Mark Reed

I really had to  try and add some text to my post as I was a bit tire last night and was having some trouble trying to understand why the text was  not appearing. These technical learning curves seems to be the theme of my MET experience as my pictue moves across the screen and I am not sure what I am typing thank goodness for spell check. Anyway I did not want to  portray myself as too much of a minimalist although as our professors have pointed out succinct is great. I added some details to my profile but I am not sure where others would access this. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s introductions and am impressed with the caliber of of the experience members in this learning community have. Well on to next week thanks for your patience.Photo 628


1 Beverley Knutson-Shaw { 09.11.09 at 2:47 pm }

Hi I am currently in Peru and experiencing many technical difficulties. My e mail account was blocked and so didn´t get the message about the different format of this course until today. I am now logged in, but no drop down menu is appearing from which to choose write from. Can you tell me where to find the drop down menu. I will be back in Canada on Tues.’ using my own computer!!, but at the moment I will make due with strange key boards and slow service. Thanks Bev

2 davidp { 09.11.09 at 7:15 pm }

Bev …

Please see my recent email to you.


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