Late Introduction from Greg…

Greg, lads and friends on holiday on Hornby Island Hi,    My name is Greg Lewis – sorry about the late “introduction/post” but I didn’t quite get the instructions until today – my bad!

This is my 7th MET course and from what I have read and seen, it looks interesting and this motivates/energizes me which is great.  I teach at  Ballenas Secondary School in Parksville on Vancouver Island, BC – home of the sandy beach and a holiday destination.  I teach History 12 and am half time in the library – a wonderful assignment that I very much appreciate.

The two “blondies” near myself – man in white shirt with “Vikes” hat – boo UBC! Just kidding 😉 – are Nolan (orange) and Mason(Nemo skimboard) and they keep me moving constantly!

Looking forward to this course and the different focus it offers.  I am on “Stalin’s Five Year Plan” and take two to three courses a year so I am getting closer.




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