Recombo 2005

Well, this was an interesting pitch.

To be perfectly honest I have a hard time actually visualing what it is recombo does.  They obviously do work in network intregration and network servicing, but as an EVA I would need to clarify specifically how they function and what services they provide before I can decide if the long term future of the company is something I want to be involved in.

That being said, because they have been growing over the past few years there must be some substance to the products and services they provide.  I’m intriguied by the lighthouse client they have and think that is a particularly good sign.  Its allowed them to expand significantly; hopefully the pace of expansion is appropriate for the company.  I can envision many scenarios where they either expand to quickly and lack resources to sustain the company or are left shortstaffed or lacking in material requirements.  With that in mind, I think Brad McFee has done a good job of explaining how his company will cope with the expansion.

As an EVA I actually liked his exit stragety; he was pragmatic and regocnised that ultimately everything has a price.  Although I may not necessarily agree from a moral standpoint, from a bussiness perspective its impossible to deny that the end goal how to make the most money from your venture.

Despite this, since I don’t completely understand the business plan and haven’t seen any solid financial data I would be a bit wary about putting my own money into it.  That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it eventually, but I certainly would need more information.

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1 davidp { 09.17.09 at 11:54 am }

An exit strategy for many small businesses in the tech sector is to sell the business to a bigger fish.

Successful Vancouver exit strategies have included Flickr. We know how big that got when a much bigger fish bit.

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