Ernie’s UBC IT Services Pitch Analysis

Here’s my 2nd go at a pitch analysis…hope it makes sense…my eyes are starting to close!

  • CEO Credibility – Does this person exude capability and convey confidence that they will achieve success against all obstacles?
    • Ted Dodds appears confident and well-spoken.  He exudes a very professional, experienced demeanour.
    • He speaks of UBC’s mission, considers the students and the community
  • Management Team – Have they assembled a stellar team along with the other human and material resources required for success
    • Dodds suggests that UBC is a very decentralized university.  Each faculty has its own e-learning component.  He stresses the importance of formal and informal meetings and strategies, including the use of E-strategy Townhall meetings, which include invited leaders of other institutions (peers and competitors), boards members, deans, vice presidents etc.  He stresses the importance of collaboration between these e-learning stakeholders.
  • Business Model – Is this feasible? – have they done their homework? – are their arguments and information accurate and compelling?
    • Yes, I believe this model is feasible.  By working collaboratively with e-learning stakeholders, university leaders, and competing educational institutions, UBC’s reputation stands to gain.  In turn, registration may increase.
    • Dodds suggests that the E-strategy is a framework, not plan or mandate, thus giving more freedom to members of the community.
  • Competitive Products – What is a realistic market size, market share and selling price that these products or services can capture in a very competitive world?
    • There is a demand for e-learning and UBC IT’s vision is to be a active an collaborative partner in the e-learning community.  They are working together with other universities and educational leaders to create products that can promote e-learning.  Unfortunately, Dodds does not provided any statistics on market size, student enrolment, demand etc.
  • Market Readiness – How long and difficult is their critical path to success?
    • No time length is given but UBC is working with other educational institutions in the e-learning community.  It is leader in e-learning innovation.  Path to success is ongoing.
  • Technical Innovation – Do they have an edge, and can they keep it?
    • Dodds mentions that UBC is well known for “commercialization of individual research within the campus”.  E-learning innovation at UBC has brought about commercial products such as WebCT.  He mentions that UBC is taking a leadership role in opensource software and community source software which help to get campus level innovations to a broader audience.  Working with other campuses to create a community source system
  • Exit Strategy – Do they really know what success looks like – is their destination clear
    • Participation and altruistic relationship in the e-learning community helps to promote UBC reputation.  By taking a leadership role in opensource software and creating E-strategy townhall meetings for community stakeholders contributes to UBC IT’s success.
  • Overall Investment Status – Am I going to risk my investment capital on this proposition?
    • Yes, as an EVA, I would invest in UBC IT’s vision for e-learning.  Furthermore, I would encourage and recommend potential students to take a serious look at e-learning programs through UBC.


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