Team Help by Jen W

Team Help Cubed

Face One:  Market Focus

Distance learners, remote learners and students who need more assistance at home.  The software that is developed is utilized by students who have access to a computer and their assistance is from teachers online.  These students are being home schooled but online.  At any point in time, the teacher can take over the computer of the student and guide the student in what or how to solve any problems.

Face Two:  Type of Offerings

This type of offering is definitely a support system for the students.  They can provide guidance and direction when students are confused.  It is a stepping stone for the students so that they can move onto the next stage.

Face Three:  The Buyer

The buyers are school districts.  The purchasers within that district can access how many hours of this help line they would like to purchase.  They should also decide how many teachers per subject should be hired.

Face Four:  Global Markets

The software and hardware is available for Personal Computers and Macintoshes’.  For now, the project is in its’ preliminary stages and therefore is closed to Alberta right now.  Once the program has been working fine and the bugs have been ironed out, there will be availability to other provinces and even other countries.  We must look at hiring teachers who can speak French and other languages of school boards that are interested in the program.

Face Five:  Development of the Market

Roll out for such a program will begin in the rural areas.  In addition, it is also being offered for students wanting to study other languages because many students would like to enter University (or post secondary education) with a second language.  Often it is difficult to find teachers that can speak other language.

Face Six:  Integration of the Program

It will be easy to introduce this program into the homes of students who need help.  It would save the parents from having to hire a tutor.  It would be available for students in the evening hours and weekends.  Students would not have to leave their homes and have a larger success factor in all their courses.


1 David Vogt { 09.23.09 at 6:55 pm }

Hi Jen –

I’m not familiar with Team Help, so thanks for this. You used the word “We” in connection with the company – are you part of Team Help?

For buyers, the direction seems to be districts and schools. Given the technology, couldn’t parents and even students themselves also be buyers – creating a competition with other private online tutors and companies like Sylvan? Or do you think it is easier to sell to school districts?

Thanks for your thoughts…

2 jennie wong { 09.23.09 at 7:14 pm }

Hi Dave,

I was part of the initial pilot project but many other projects have taken me away from this one.

It was a very unique process but I believe that they did not want the product to be compete with private online tutors and companies like Sylvan. They wanted their largest market share to be school districts and to tie it into the learning of students from K-12 and provide more continuity for these students. They want to know what the students has been exposed to and therefore providing some consistency.


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