Venture Design and Assessment Resources

Below are  a few interesting resources I was able to find regarding Venture Design and Venture Assessment

New Start-up business consulting website

 The Impact of New Venture Design on Entrepreneurial Exit Abstract: In this research we examine how the selection and assembly of initial strategic resources (financial, human, and technological) impact the entrepreneurial exit strategy. Our results suggest that an IPO exit strategy is positively related to all three types of strategic resources, while a strategic sale exit strategy is positively related to financial resources or total initial investment, and a sale to an individual exit strategy is positively associated with percentage of ownership, a financial resource. Implications for research and practice are discussed.

Leading With Vision: The Design of New Ventures ‘Design is now readily acknowledged as essential to the enterprise. Andrew Hargadon argues, however, that designers must go beyond the making of individual products and brands to cut across the traditional boundaries within firms to create innovative business ventures. Advocating a new profile of design leadership, Hargadon explains how design principles and practices are uniquely suited to this exciting, multidimensional task.

 Heptalysis is a methodology, software solution and set of tools for planning and analyzing startups companies and business ventures

Venture Company Assessment Tool


1 davidp { 09.27.09 at 4:31 pm }

Good resources. Some match the style you used in your own venture analyses. Precise and pointed.


2 Sean McMinn { 09.27.09 at 5:53 pm }

Thanks for sharing these. They look pretty useful.


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