CambridgeSoft Introduces ChemDraw Basic E-Learning Course

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face one – MARKET FOCUS

A little about  and its ChemDraw program:

CambridgeSoft is the leading supplier of Internet browser and webserver based life science desktop software, enterprise solutions, chemical databases and consulting services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

CambridgeSoft offers a complete line of desktop software for chemists including ChemDraw, the industry standard for chemical structure drawing and analysis.

Cambridge Soft introduced, on August 17, 2009, an e-Learning course for new users of ChemDraw software.  The software program is described below.

The * ChemDraw Ultra 12.0 Suite
by CambridgeSoft
Media: Download for Macintosh

Cost is $2330 USD (offered at academic pricing of $890)


The e-Learning course that I am focusing on is a complimentary product to the purchasers of the ChemDraw software program.

CambridgeSoft offers prepackaged courseware and online training to support that courseware.

It provides online instructions (delivered in modules) as well as an assessment of certification at the end of the course.  You are given access for one full year to ChemDraw Basic e-Learning Course @ $250 USD per individual license (offered at @ $150).

ChemDraw Basic E-Learning Course

Media: Online

face three –WHO IS THE BUYER?

Interested clients include Students, Educators, and Government Employees in the Chemistry / Biology fields.  This particular online course caters to new users of the ChemDraw packaged courseware.  They also offer bulk uploads  – for many students from one organization seeking access to the course.

This could be used by all the teachers in the science department of one school, or perhaps it would be a district initiative to get the program for use at all the schools in all Science programs.  Not only could it be used as an instructional enhancement, but could allow students to work on chemical models in 3-dimensional space.  The e-learning program would instruct the teachers and students alike, on how to use the tools in the ChemDraw software.  In industry, such as the Ministry of the Environment, analysts would use the software for their lab write-ups in their analyses of samples.  The e-learning software would appeal to Ministry labs inplementing the ChemDraw program for the first time, in order to train all scientists on staff as to the effective use of the software application.

face four – GLOBAL MARKETS

CambrigeSoft has offices in the US, Europe (including Germany and France) and Asia Pacific.

They offer support in English, German, French and Japanese.

So CambridgeSoft is catering to Wired Anglophone Countries, European countries that speak English, as well as a few European countries that require translation.  They also market to Asian Countries with quality Internet access, specifically in this case Japan.  This would also appeal to special situation such as military or marine use for scientists in those fields.


The e-Learning that CambridgeSoft is offering is an export oriented Learning Technology.  It is designed to support the global customers of its prepackaged courseware.  This is a well established company with a lengthy line of software products that are being used internationally.

face six – Learning Technology competing with other forms of learning?

This Learning Technology works with a well developed system.  This company sets the bar for other learning technologies of this category.  The development of this e-Learning media download shows expanded support for its customer to use their prepackaged software for effectively.  It will draw more customers into the purchase of its software products, if they know that they will be supported by tutorial programs.  This learning technology is more effective than instructor-led training since the customer will seek help for the particular application that they are employing, and will want to refer back to the instructional software many times, and any order that makes sense to them.


1 David Vogt { 09.25.09 at 1:10 pm }

A thorough, engaging analysis. The pricepoint makes me think that relatively few “learners” will be customers. I’m surprised that you describe this as so “one way” in orientation – most software systems at this level actively encourage social learning environments as well (forums, expert groups, etc) to reduce their production burden and build better communities. Is CambridgeSoft doing this as well?

2 Erica T { 09.25.09 at 3:02 pm }

Yes David, Cambridge Soft offers many other social learning environments. I tried to focus specifically in my cube analysis on the new release of their e-Learning program, and avoid getting off on tangents with all of the services, products and training that this company provides. I didn’t want the information about this e-Learning application to get lost in my description of the variety of products that CambridgeSoft offers. They have seminars and they exhibit at tradeshows internationally to display, market, and support their software products. They have user meetings at international locations (this month in Munich and in November in Tokyo), where “colleagues” can meet to discuss to discuss the latest industry trends. And they have Webinars for more active online participation for customers on a more regular basis. So there is definitely a sense of online community with this company already, above and beyond this new e-Learning software.

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