Adobe Captivate Cubed

I use Adobe Captivate at work, and it is an easy tool to use to capture application and web simulations. I couldn’t find too much information in my Internet search, so I have had to rely on my own experience through this analysis.

Face 1. Market

The way this software is developed makes it an easy tool to develop training material. The ability to capture screenshots and video sceen movement permits the training developer to capture step-by-step demonstrations. As well, it is easy to create activities that guide users through steps. For use of text instruction, this application is limited. Powerpoint has more options. However, there is no reason Captivate cannot be used in other markets. In Calgary, I know that Alberta Health Services and Shaw Communications both use Captivate in their training of staff. Captivate has received the CODiE Award for Best Corporate Learning Solution, a Business Software Satisfaction Award, and a Technology & Learning Award of Excellence.

Face 2. Offering

Captivate offers infrastructure. The software provides the tools for creating interactive content, simulations, and quizzes without the need for multimedia experience. Check out these websites for more information: and

Face 3. The buyer

Captivate is purchased for training. Although, this software can be purchased in K-12 or higher education situations, the type of learning is typically skill related and suites the training environment the most.

Face 4. Global markets

Captivates largest markets are the wired Anglophone countries and the Asian countries with quality Internet. However, the software’s trial version comes in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japenese, Korean, and Spanish. Abode products are available internationally and Adobe is a world leader in software development.

Face 5. Development of the market

I am not sure how to answer this one; however, I imagine , since this market is business driven, that it supports export oriented learning technologies and substitution of imports. In efforts to be more cost efficient, most businesses will import alternate training where applicable. As well, Captivate publishes in AICC and SCORM compliant files, allowing for export of content to various LMS. In my work, we are using Captivate to create training for patient care applications. The content being created has been exported to neighbouring health service teams using similar applications.

Face 6 . Learning Technology Competing with Other Forms of Learning

Captivate is a very useful tool, but not the only tool available for creating interactive eLearning and simulation. With the advances in Web 2.0 tools, there are a number of alternate ways of communicating similar skills-related training. For example, Elluminate allows for demonstrations and slides; Lectora creates highly interactive modules using easily created variables and actions, and it has the capablility of containing video, animation, and graphics. WebEx demonstrations can be recorded and saved. The market is saturated with options, which is probably why Captivate is on version 4 and continuing to fight to be a market leader. Captivate tends to compete in the market as an Abode product and not as an individual product. Captivate can be purchased with Photoshop Elements, Premiere Pro, Flash, Illustrator, and various other products used in eLearning and corporate settings.

I use Captivate at work and I have found that there have been really amazing changes in this program from version 1 until now (ver.4). It is obvious that this product continues to improve in order to maintain a steady presence in the market place. Captivate is only a piece of Alberta Health Services training tools. We also use Corel Paintshop, Lectora, Flash, and MS Frontpage. I believe that Captivate serves a purpose and is a useful tool, but it could not satisfy all of our training needs.

Anyone else have experience with this software?


1 Jeff Laird { 09.26.09 at 10:47 am }

Constantly getting better and started out as a non-Adobe product called Robodemo.

While it does not include the elaborate editing capabilities of Captivate, Camstudio ( is an opensource fork of the original Robodemo and has the same screen recording features and some annotation ability – and is free.

2 James Richardson { 09.27.09 at 5:51 pm }

We have 2 different electronic patient records at UBC and use Captivate demos to help new users develop skills with the records software in areas such as scheduling, chart requests, etc.


3 Brian Powell { 09.28.09 at 8:13 pm }

We are using Articulate ( in undergraduate medicine. It’s studio centers around interactive enhancements to PowerPoint, but publishes a player much unlike PowerPoint. We also looked at Raptivity and are starting to use Captivity. The key idea is to be able to produce a SCORM module that tracks and reports more user data than does the LMS (BlackBoard Vista) on which the SCORM module runs.

Jeff mentions Camstudio, open source, which should not be confused with Camtasia Studio (

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