EVENT: Field Debrief | Violence against women in Guatemala | ‘Entering the Field and Managing Identity’

A new Field Debrief workshop will be led by Tal Nitsan, from the Department of Anthropology. It’s entitled:

 “Here I Am: Entering the Field and Managing Identity” 

Nitsan is currently researching violence against women in Guatemala.

Date: January 28th, at 12-2:00pm

Location: 3rd floor Boardroom of the Liu Institute

RSVP Anastasia: anastasia.shesterinina@gmail.com

Copyright 2009. Johan Ordonez-AFP/Getty Images

We are happy to invite you to the next event in the Reflections on Fieldwork in Difficult Settings series at the Liu Institute for Global Issues.  Tal Nitsan will lead a workshop entitled “Here I Am: Entering the Field and Managing Identity.”

Tal Nitsan is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology studying the intersections between gender, violence, law and society focusing on Latin America. Her work has been focusing on peace and wartime violence against women in Guatemala. She is specifically interested in the influence of international, regional and local discourses, ideas and funds on the different ways women activists understand violence against women in Guatemala and, accordingly, the different modes of action they choose to struggle against this violence.  Tal holds an MA in Sociology & Social Anthropology and a BA in Latin American Studies and Sociology & Social Anthropology from Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


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