Steph(anie) Tobin

Children's Drawing in Bay City

By: Jrew Bickel
Posted on Flickr by: William Couch


My name is Steph Tobin. I teach grade 2/3 French Immersion in Kelowna, B.C. I chose this image because in my classroom, I sometimes ask my students to draw their story before they write to encourage them to incorporate more details in their writing. In Kindergarten, students share drawings to describe story elements (setting, problem, solution etc.) orally since their writing skills are limited.

I am interested in Postman’s (1992) arguments that students who are visually inclined may find greater success in our future school system as we adopt more communication technologies. In this course, I look forward to representing text in various ways that will motivate my students to write.

The characters represented in this drawing are super heros which young boys often write about. I chose this boy-friendly theme because I am pregnant with a son who is due to arrive November 22. This will be a busy term for me as I already have a 16 month old daughter!

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