Monthly Archives: February 2013

When I don’t understand what I’m studying

Manatee Squash

Studying physiology. Studying chemistry. Especially chemistry.

Using the wi-fi in the library

Doing the internet thing

When the web page doesn't load...

No wi-fi signal!

Blame everyone else for the bad internet

I know what a sinus is

In other words, I’m sick.

But I don’t think my sinuses are clogged. Rather, I’ve just been hacking my lungs out coughing a lotAll the stress of midterms and late nights and bad eating and dealing with people  somehow got snowballed itself into a destroyer of immune systems and now I’m feeling bleh.

On the bright side, I’m done two midterms, and the long weekend is coming up! If I’m correct, this is the first ever Family Day! Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

It’s Superbowl Sunday

And my mum bought 4 packs of guacamole, a litre of sour cream, a fresh jar of moderately spicy salsa, a supersize bag of nacho chips, cheese, and a football shaped container of chicken wings.

It’s days when I see my fridge stocked with these things that I realize the benefits of living at home. Yay Costco and mother!

I don’t think my Active Health prof would be pleased with me.

Who's gonna win the Super Bowl?

Also YAY for Beyonce.

Sun makes me hopeful

To break up the monotony of all the previous text posts, I have found some music that matches the weather! And yes, I mean the SUNNY weather 🙂

I’m hoping for good grades on my midterms, good health (I’ve been having coughing fits lately), and more good weather. What are you hoping for?