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Make the most of your commute

As seen on the UBC FYI blog.

Confession: fall at UBC is my favourite time and place of the year.

There’s literally nothing to dislike about it. The weather is nice, I have a new set of school supplies (seriously, nothing beats fresh notebooks), and there are so many opportunities out there!  Student life is at its most vibrant at this time of year.

As a commuter student, I often find myself torn: do I stay at school to immerse myself in this crazy amazing atmosphere—or do I go home to get some work done, unwind, and of course get some much needed sleep?

The struggle is so real.

So every term, I do three things:

First, I scope out the ultimate spot for studying and relaxing. Sometimes it’s Brock Hall, other times it’s an unused classroom in Woodward IRC. In the long hours between classes, I need somewhere I can be comfortable!

Secondly, I plan out my bus route to a T. With two hours of public transit a day, I need to make the most of my commute by minimizing the time spent waiting at the bus stop, and using the bus ride to do something useful (i.e. nap time! Or studying time, if you’re into that).

Lastly, I find friends who have similar schedules to mine. Staying late at school to study is fun, but studying with friends is better!

I’m super excited for this year. Are you?

Git ‘er done!


First blog post of 2014, tah-dah.

I was going to blog about the SLC, but that didn’t happen, obviously. I mean, I could write a very very late summary of my overwhelmingly awesome experience at this year’s Conference, but I’m not. Because that would just look bad, and y’all are over it already.

So with this blog post, I am going to absolve myself of all the guilt that I’ve been holding onto for the past 3 weeks for not doing what I was supposed to do. It’s been those shameful feelings that have stopped me from creating other (perhaps) wonderful things.

No, seriously, I got some ambitious ideas going on.

Idea Board

Okay, to be honest I have a lot of really silly tumblr text posts instead of ideas. But they cheer me up, so I’m keeping ’em!

In summary: I’ve been holding back on you guys. And since that’s really not what the SLC’s all about, I’m gonna throw myself back into blogging this term.

100 posts later…


If the title didn’t give it away, I’m announcing that I’ve written 100 blog posts!  Granted, not all of them were written written, but whatever. What I really mean to say now is that though now is not the time to get sentimental, I’ve learned a lot while writing for Blog Squad over the past 7 months.

For instance, I’ve learned that people like reading about rants. Especially rants about controversial topics like sexism.

They also like to look at pictures. Pictures are good. Pictures of people doing dumb things, even better.

The most important thing I’ve learned, though, is that I like blogging. I like putting out content and making people laugh or cringe or even think. It’s something that gives me a good feeling (dat surge of dopamine, man).

So here’s three cheers for blogging! Hip, hip, hurrah!

PS. You ain’t seen the last of the mushy stuff yet 😉

I have my SLC interview tomorrow…

…and I’m super duper absolutely kind of nervous.

It’s a carousel type interview, which I’ve never heard of before but apparently they use it in a lot of university interviews (like for MUG leaders), so I suppose it must be a pretty fair process. The applicants go around to stations that include group activities and an individual interview. It’s mostly the individual interview that I’m anxious about, because I’m scared I’ll get all tongue-tied and stutter-y. 

Also, what to wear!? It seems like a more casual thing, so hopefully they won’t hold it against me if I wear nice-but-still-everyday-type clothing. Herpaderp.

PS. I got an email

Here’s something I forgot to mention in recent posts but am still really excited about: I got granted an interview for the position of a coordinator on the 2014 SLC Planning Committee (oh boy, that’s a mouthful)! Yay!

It’s only the second step in the application process, but I’m surprised that I got past the first step.  I’m not entirely happy with the format/quality of my resume, and I definitely need to work on it before going summer-job hunting. For anyone in the same pickle (baha, pickle), the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers offers lots of resources for all sorts of job-related things, including resume advising. Even if you don’t go into the actual office at Brock Hall, the online stuff is super helpful! But seriously, resume-advising is a good idea.

In any case, I’m actually looking forward to attending that interview! It’s a group one, which sounds a little less intimidating but I’ll probably be a fun-sized bundle of nerves anyways because what if they don’t like me oh god. Welp.