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For anyone doing neurophysiology…

Parts of the Brain, by Pinky and the Brain! I remember my psychology AP teacher showing this video to our class. The whole week after, all I could hear was “brainstem, brainstem!

The 4 Steps of Successful Studying

I’m a little late to the advice-giving bandwagon, but here… you… go!

Prioritize: What’s your most important class? Which exam comes first? What are you best at, and what are you worst at? What exam can you cram for? Unfortunately, the answer to the last question is almost always a resounding NONE.

Make a plan: What do you need to do to study for your exams? Do you need to make cue cards, go over lecture notes, or do textbook problems? How much of your precious studying time will each method take? Each exam has a different format, so tailor your studying to match it!

The Study Plan of a Kinesiology Student

As you can see, I have made a comprehensive list of what I have to study for and how I’m going to do it. You can also see that I have not cleaned my desk. Bad Courtney.

Prepare: Find and use all the resources you can! Go to Vista or Connect and look for practice questions, or dig through all those emails to find those darn handouts you’d forgotten about. Don’t forget to take advantage of office hours, your prof’s email, and all your classmates too 😉

Do it! For a distraction-free environment, clear your desk and your computer desktop. Set up Songza to play lyric-free music. And honestly? I wouldn’t worry about making breaks for yourself, if you’re a procrastinator. Once you’re in the flow of studying, it doesn’t really make sense to stop and give yourself a chance to procrastinate more. When you find yourself getting tired of studying, then it’s time to take a break!

Best of luck with your exams!

Ways to procrastinate: Do other homework!


I should be studying neurophysiology and muscle physiology right now… but nope! Instead, I’m taking the time to do my dance observations assignment.

Which is also due tomorrow.

No big deal.

And when I want to take a real break, I go onto Skype and talk to my best friend and then I start listening to this:

I will be okay.  I can do this!

Happy Halloween!

This year, I’ve got the wickedest set-up at my house.

Meet Red.  He’s going to be ‘opening’ the door and greeting all the kiddies tonight! Hopefully he doesn’t freak them out too much.

He came to me via my uncle, who’s colleague was a personal injuries lawyer.  Thus, he obtained the skeleton and passed it on to lucky ol’ me!

Red is also going to be my study buddy for anatomy class (KIN 190).  Thank goodness, because then I won’t have to trek all the way to Osbourne to study bones!  Not to mention that all the skeletons in my anatomy lab seem to have back problems.

So yes, we’re going to be good friends.

But it doesn’t mean I’m not freaked out every time I glance at him. *shudder*

A Magikarp in anatomy?!

Okay. I really should not be blogging because I have two tests tomorrow but this just cannot wait.  It’s that awesome.

A paper creature. This picture was taken on my crappy phone.

Who brought it in, I don’t know.  I’m pretty positive it’s a magikarp, because what else would it be?

I do know, however, that it very slightly made my day and made me smile 🙂 and I sure need to smile during Hell Week (as I have dubbed it).  Keep bringing on the surprises!