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KIN FROSH Registration is Open!

Kin Frosh is the best! all you other faculties don’t compare. It was an experience I definitely don’t regret. 😀

There’s space for about a third of the incoming class, so hurry and register! Read more at kinfrosh.ca.

The morning after

10 points if you know who these people are!

Yesterday, all most of the Kin froshees agreed to wear their frosh shirts today.  And so a good chunk of my Kin 190 lecture came to class sporting a black and green shirt, making them instantly recognizable to all.  Obviously, all of us that went to frosh felt the solidarity that comes from a shared experience.  Frosh makes best buddies, right?


I couldn’t remember anyone’s name!  I recognized faces, but there were only a handful of people I could put names to.  Or sometimes it was the other way around, and I heard names but I couldn’t connect them to a face.  So today, I settled for awkward little waves and re-introductions.  At least I didn’t try to (wrongly) guess someone’s name.

Our frosh was better than yours

I’m home from Kin Frosh! It was amazing; definitely a weekend never to be forgotten.  I’m not going to try and describe it, because you really had to be there to understand even half of what was going on.  Now I’m absolutely sure that Kin’s the best faculty, because I can’t imagine that the events for any other faculty beat ours (yes, I’m looking at you, Sciences). I would absolutely recommend that next year’s freshmen—even if they’re not in Kinesiology—go to frosh.  One thing I’ve learned: get out there and say yes to everything! Except drugs.  Drugs are bad, kids.

I’m super duper tired right now (which is a testament to the craziness that is Kin Frosh) and there’s a lot of reading I should be doing. So I’m going to go back to work and pray that my power doesn’t go out yet again.

Also I really hope there wasn’t actually an online chemistry quiz due today because I can’t find it.



What other faculties think of us

The First Days

For me, the first days of university incited a whirlwind of emotions.  I felt excited with the prospect of meeting new people, but I felt fear at the thought of rejection.  I felt anxious about getting to class on time, while I also felt bored standing amidst a a gaggle of commuters on the bus.  I felt dread upon hearing of heavy coursework, yet I felt eager to start learning.  And when I sat down for my first ever lecture, I felt very, very small and lost.

But the lonely feelings will pass.  I am sure of it, because KIN FROSH IS COMING TOMORROW.

Whoever create the Kin FROSH website did a great job, because I’m psyched! Camping for two nights in Squamish? Team bonding activities? More time away from my parents?  Oh, yes!

It’ll be the best chance for me to get to really know people in my faculty, which is especially important because I’m not staying in residence, unfortunately.  Meeting in people in class is fine, but I have the feeling that I’m not going to see many of the people I sat beside during lectures often.  So here’s to friends and faculty bonding and other fun stuff during FROSH!

One last note before the weekend: the Chapman Learning Commons (actually, the whole library in general) was packed during lunchtime.  There was a line just to use the public computers, and all the seating space was taken up.  From what I saw, I suggest that if you simply must work at lunch time, you should bring your own laptop.  No lines + the flexibility of sitting anywhere + added security!