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On The Button Bonspiel

Originally, the description of my blog was supposed to be “UBC, Kin, and curling: all in a funsized package”. However, I haven’t gotten to curl very much this school year—I’d been out on the ice for a grand total of 2 times before tonight.

So when my old high school teammate messaged me about the On The Button Bonspiel held by UBC REC, I jumped at the chance. Of course, we registered at the last minute, and only managed to get 3 girls on our team, including me.

The bonspiel (essentially, a tournament) was held at the Richmond Curling Centre. Normally, when you curl there isn’t loud music blasting from a stereo, because the extra noise makes it harder for the players to communicate. For example, imagine that I’m at one end of the ice sheet and my friend Brenna is at the other end.

Me: What shot do yeh think we should make?
Brenna: *waggles arms and shouts something I can’t understand*
Me: I don’t comprehend. WHAT?
Brenna: *makes motion again*
Me: I can’t hear you. WHAT?!

In the case of the UBC REC event, however, the background dance music worked because there were a lot of new-to-curling players on the ice, and so vital, game-changing communication was kept to a minimum. Actually, I think the music brought a lot of fun to the game.

We played 3 matches of 2 ends, which took about two hours. It wasn’t super competitive, so I didn’t stress out much about winning although I’m kind of disappointed with my performance. No matter whether we won or lost, it was fun!

One complaint I have, though, is that the ice was super dirty. If you don’t know curling, clean ice is super important. My suspicion is that not all of the new-to-curling players were wearing shoes with clean soles. Maybe next year they will provide fly paper to peel away the dirt with?

To conclude, I think that this is one of the best ways to get into curling 😀 I highly encourage everyone reading this to try it out next year!

84 Bus Stall

Something weird happened on the way home this afternoon.

Normally, I prefer taking the 84 bus to VCC-Clark, and then Skytrain-ing it home (yep, just made Skytrain a verb). It’s a relatively fast, smooth ride, and I nearly always fall asleep on the bus.

This afternoon, however, my transit home was not so smooth.  At the Cambie stop, the bus driver announced that it was his last stop, and we all had to get off the bus and take some other shuttle to go to the VVC-Clark station. Of course we couldn’t really argue with him, so everyone got off the bus and lined up at the bus stop sign.

It was a good thing I woke up from my usual nap just in time to hear his announcement, otherwise I would have felt very silly. Since I was still a little dazed, I missed his reasoning for why we had to get off.

We ended up waiting in the light drizzle for about 5-10 minutes before another, empty 84 bus came. This we took to be our shuttle, and thank goodness because I was starting to get worried it was. After all the people from my bus got onto the new bus, another 84 bus pulled up behind and dropped more people off. All these people crammed into the new bus and off we went.

I noticed that we didn’t stop at the normal 84 stops, either. Strange, strange, strange.

The moral of this story is that you should leave lots of time for transit. You never know when a bus might break down, get stuck in snow, or leave you stranded on the side of the road for a period of time.

It’s tea time!

I am guilty of spooning sugar into my tea past the point of saturation.

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging as much as I thought I would. It’s been a busy week with lots of late nights, but Kin Week was a success! Now that we know what went well and what didn’t, I’m sure next year’s Kin Week will be even better!

Hopefully I will be better-rested and back to my somewhat consistent blogging schedule by the end of the week. Until then, my fellow Blog Squad members have come out with some great content, so go check it out! That totally wasn’t shameless plugging at all.

Happy Sunday tea time, everybody!

Happy KIN Week!

Remember back in October, when I applied to be a part of the KIN Week committee and got it?

Well, KIN Week is here! I’m super excited to see how our events pan out, because this is the first ever KIN Week. This week will set the stage for future KIN Week events! So here’s the breakdown:

Today we have a free KIN BBQ and dodgeball. We challenged Science to come out and play with us, but I’m a little doubtful that they will. In any case, we have lots of teams ready to play a round-robin tournament! My favourite team name? Kinner Kinner Chicken Dinner. Bahaha.

Tomorrow’s event is one of the bigger highlights of the week— The K-Factor. It’s sort of like a beauty pageant, except the judging isn’t based on your physical attractiveness, but rather how well you answer the questions and perform. Besides, everyone in KIN is good looking 😉

On Wednesday is the Kinesiology Career Fair. If you’re stuck on what to do with your life career-wise (I’m sure we’ll all hit that point one day or another), I recommend you go to this one. I heard there’ll be firefighters there. Firefighters.

Thursday evening is devoted to a Dinners For Kinners Potluck! I was in charge of coordinating this event (mostly, anyways), so I really hope it goes well! We’ve got lots of fun games lined up, thanks to our DFK team 🙂

On Friday there’s a bar event at Lola’s, but since I’m underage I’m not going 😛 So no comment from me on that.

You can find all these events on Facebook. Here is the main event page!

I have to go set up for the barbecue now. See you there!

One of the most moving songs ever

Seriously, so much respect for the people who created this song. Please, take a listen.