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Kinesiology Co-op

Hello, friends!

For the past month, I’ve been busy working full time at UBC Athletics and Recreation as a summer co-op student. Specifically, I’m the Events and Services assistant at the Doug Mitchell Centre aka Thunderbird Arena. Three cheers for my first big girl job!

My role is to help out with a variety of things. I’ve done some work on the page, looked up history for all of UBC’s sports facilities, sat on the employer side at a job fair (which evoked all kinds of amusement and second-hand embarrassment), and more! I’m also heavily involved in the facility set-up of the big events that are happening at Thunderbird Arena this summer, like the 2014 National Special Olympics.

It’s been quite the experience—I learn new things every day! They’re not exactly technical skills, but rather soft skills like talking on the phone without crying from embarrassment. I don’t know why, but I honestly get super nervous about communicating with people over the phone or email. How am I supposed to disguise my ineptitude with charisma if they can’t see my face??

What’s nice is that I’m on campus basically all the time. It’s like I’m going to school! Except there’s not really any homework*, and pretty much everyone is older than me.

*Technically, I do have homework. It’s just documentation for the Kin Co-op Office that is required every work term, but keeping on top of them has actually been the hardest part. Time management is still a thing I’m working on (it’s one of my learning objectives, in fact!).

In any case, my point here is that I feel like grown adult with responsibilities—and it both frightening and exhilarating.

Quick Exam Season Updates!

Hi, hello, yes I am still alive! Here are some facts about my life to prove it:

Academic status:
I’m doing fairly average all across the board this term. I really hate disliked  some classes, but I found a love in KIN 261: Health, Leisure, and Society. The prof and TAs were brilliant, and it challenged me to take a step back and think critically of everything. I’d recommend for everyone to take that course but please don’t because it’s already hard enough for kin students who need this as a core course to get in.

Co-op status:
Unemployed and kind of discouraged, to be honest. I wanted to do a work term this summer so I could be back to school for the second winter term—and in time for Kin Games 2015. I do have a back-up plan, though; I’ll take CAPS 391 in May-June and then take a break in July-August (and maybe work at the PNE because why not?).

Social status:
I read an article this morning that reflected the reality of what happens as you grow through adulthood. Coupled with my nagging doubt that I’m not doing enough to keep in touch with old friends, I was hit with a wave of panicky “wahhhhh I’m getting older too quickly”. I’m good now, though—future Courtney can worry about what will happen once she graduates.

Health status:
Kind of sneezy, but I can’t tell if I’m sick or just experiencing seasonal allergies. Mentally, kind of anxious about the future, but that’s not too unusual given that it’s exam time.

Eudaimonic status:
I was recently appointed the website manager for the 2015 Kin Games, so I’m super excited to start that project. I’m also in the midst of training for my first-ever half-marathon, which will be a huge accomplishment considering I could barely run 1km last year. So even if everything else in my life goes pear-shaped, I’ll still have these two things to look forward to.

Whew, that was longer than I thought it would be. Thank you, blog, for being something upon which I can unload. I should do it more often.

Students and professors and employers, oh my!

Today, I was alerted to the fact that the prof of KIN 231 apparently used one of my older comics/doodles/what-have-yous as a slide in her last lecture.

Click on the picture to go to the original post!

While the news was a bit flattering, it meant that she probably read through my blog and saw that I’m a terrible procrastinator and mildly insane. And I may have her next term, worryingly enough.

Now, I know that thousands of people—mostly students—have seen at least some part of my work. And that is more than okay  with me! But there is a small part of me that is hesitant about continuing to blog, because anyone can find me fairly easily. In particular, future employers. 

The idea of that is kind of scary. It means I gotta watch what I say (no swearing!) so that I don’t give out an awful impression to the people who come across my public social media profiles.

So yeah, I’m going to keep my written angsting to a minimum from now on.

But comics are okay, right?

Kinesiology Co-op Program application is due in 3 days

Oh, lordy.

Since the beginning of first year, I’ve been planning to apply to the co-op program. And subsequently be accepted.

So why do I find myself so woefully underprepared? Why is my rationale statement so completely botched and terrible? WHY.

my writing is terrible

Teenaged angst

KIN FROSH Registration is Open!

Kin Frosh is the best! all you other faculties don’t compare. It was an experience I definitely don’t regret. 😀

There’s space for about a third of the incoming class, so hurry and register! Read more at