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First term transitions

September: I’m going to put on makeup and do different hairstyles everyday! I’m going to wear all my prettiest clothes and swear off the hoodies! I am going to be beautiful this year, gosh darn it!

October: Meh. Eh. Midterms are making life hard for me, but that won’t stop me from looking nice! Makeup is reserved for special occasions only. I haven’t gone shopping in a long time. I need rain boots.

November: My morning routine consists of brushing my teeth and nothing else.  I’ve forgotten what a comb looks like, and my hair is too long, because I have put off a haircut, and it gets in the way of everything. The toque and rain boots have become my school uniform, and I really hope no one notices that I’ve worn these jeans every day for the past week.

December: I know nothing but pajamas and sweat pants.  I have not seen direct sunlight for 36 hours, although I’ve heard stories about it from the people I’m living with. Please, let this term end quickly and painlessly.

When I’m wearing rainboots…


Navigating lakes and puddles

It is worth noting that after maybe 10 uses of my brand-new rain boots, I have discovered that they now take on water. I am an unlucky duck.

Sunny music for rainy days

Y’know how it rains here in Vancouver? Y’know, like virtually ALL THE TIME?  Well! I found some songs that get me out of my bad weather funk, and might do the same for you, too! No guarantees.


10 rainbow-spewing ponies for anyone who knows in which cartoon the singer of Hey Ocean starred! Yay!

Have a good week, everyone! Don’t let the rain get you down!

Dinners for Kinners!

Here in UBC KIN, we’re like a ginormous extended family!  It’s one of the perks of being a small school within the university.  Everyone’s pretty friendly, and it’s easy to get close with each other because we pretty much all go to the same classes at the same times.

Anyways, the Kinesiology Undergraduate Society (KUS) thrives on the enthusiasm of KIN students and puts on a lot of different social events throughout the year. Regrettably, a couple of them (such as the annual Halloween Boat Cruise) require you to be 19+ in order to go. Dinners for Kinners, however, is all ages! D4K is (in the words of the coordinators) “one of the marquee traditions for UBC kinesiology students“.  Everyone in the faculty is invited to go out to eat at a restaurant together, and have a good time! Can any other faculty boast that amount of inclusion?

This past Thursday was Round 1 of D4K! We went out to The Eatery, which is a Japanese food restaurant with some really funky sushi combos. I had a Green Hornet Roll (yep, like the superhero) and ohmygod it was delicious!  Definitely one of best sushi rolls I’ve ever had.

Huffah, my table group! They are cool people.

Even better than the food, though, was that I got to hang out with new friends—without the pressure of exams hanging over us.  The overall mood was great, despite the drizzly weather!  About 80-ish people went, and we took up practically the whole restaurant. There were a couple of games played, and prizes given out.  The combination of post-exam relief, sanctuary from bad weather, and great noshes made for some good times!  🙂

It was a great way to end what was a horrible week for me. I can’t wait for the next one!

PS. Anyone have any suggestions on where we could go? 🙂