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What it’s like to be 19 during holidays

Adult but not quite

HAHA *cries*

Merry Christmas, loves!

3 Ways to Take Study Breaks

Note: Thank you for your kind responses to my last post! With all that encouragement, I promise y’all that I won’t quit on you.


Scenario: it’s exam time right now. You’re going stir-crazy from sitting and studying alone in your room, and when you do decide to take a break you can’t really do anything because it’s dark and freezing outside. Also, all your friends have left you because they’re busy studying, too, so you haven’t had any proper human contact for a while.

So what can you do? Take a break and do one (or all) of these things, all from the warmth and comfort of your own room!

1. Phone a friend.

Even if it’s just your little brother, having a chat about anything but school is great way to get your mood up. Also, talking on the phone whilst lying across your bed is just so retro and cool and totally a 90’s kid thing to do.

2. Listen to music.

Christmas music, if it suits you. Belt those carols out. Maybe try the Jingle Bell Rock dance. Own that Christmas spirit!

Don’t celebrate Christmas? That’s alright, just stick to the seasonal-but-not-religious stuff like Mr. Grinch.┬áAnd while you’re listening to that, make sure to note your favourite insults for the next time someone breaks your heart.

3. Drink tea. Stave off that cold!

Everyone deserves tea

I just ordered a 50g pack of Spiced Fig tea from David’s Tea and I’m so excited!

Make sure you take care of yourself, both mentally and physically. Best of luck on your exams! ­čÖé

Nearing the end of a stressful term

Hey there, UBC!

It’s been a hectic past two months, and I’ve sure missed blogging (not to mention I’m feeling guilty). But now that midterms are over and finals are coming up, I’ll have a little time to get the UBC blogosphere up to speed on what I’ve been doingÔÇöif you’re all still interested, that is ­čÖé

In the meantime…

Yeah, I’m having trouble keeping focused.

How I spent my Christmas

How Christmas day is spent

Christmas decorations are up? Ridiculous.

I went to Metrotown mall the other day (if you haven’t gone lately, go! I swear half the shops have changed…), and I finally bought a pair of rain boots. No longer am I a failure of a Vancouverite!┬ábecause all Vancouver residents wear rubber boots.

Anyways, when I was there I noticed that there were Christmas decorations gracing the ceilings and the atriums. Whaaaaaat?!

C’mon, people. ┬áNovember has just started. ┬áWe haven’t even had Remembrance Day yet.┬áWhy are we putting up baubles and garland already? ┬áCan’t we just, y’know, hold it in for another week and a half?

Remembrance┬áDay might not be a fun holiday, yes, but it’s an important one. ┬áNot just for war veterans, but especially for us who have never experienced the effects of war. ┬áI think we do the veterans and the men and women who served in war a disservice by not taking time to just respectfully observe their sacrifice.

What think you?