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Kinesiology Co-op Program application is due in 3 days

Oh, lordy.

Since the beginning of first year, I’ve been planning to apply to the co-op program. And subsequently be accepted.

So why do I find myself so woefully underprepared? Why is my rationale statement so completely botched and terrible? WHY.

my writing is terrible

Teenaged angst

22 days ’til school

and my feelings about it in a nutshell:

Registration is open!

….For first years. And at this point, only some of them.

The late ones are still better off than any of the uppers years though. Out of all the undergraduates at UBC, second years get the last pick.  This year, second-year registration is July 8th-12th. Mine is July 9th, at 1:45pm.

The most worrying part is that already, the elective courses I want to take are filling up. Fast. I’m looking at you PHYS 101.

Nah, I’m just kidding. Wait list, here I come!

Picking the right seats in the lecture hall

Woodward 4. KIN 191 class. True story.

haha just kidding there’s only like 5 seats that do that. And somehow we pick them everytime.

KIN Harlem Shake! …and a little bit extra.

I know I wasn’t there but still, my faculty is amazazazazing. But to be honest I don’t understand the whole Harlem Shake although I guess it’s like the planking craze but dancing. Bahaha.

PS. To see the Kin-coaster in its full glory, watch the kinesiology section on Imagine Day. Glorious, I tell you.