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5 things that happen in a Sunday exam

  1. Cheap parking.
  2. No one studied—unless you count looking over the cheat sheet once studying. In that case, yes, studying went great.
  3. People show up in Winnie the Pooh character onesies. Actually, it was just Tigger and Piglet.
  4. The prof doesn’t print off enough copies of the exam, leaving about 10 people stranded for 20 minutes.
  5. This was our last final… but no post-final relief, because there’s school tomorrow!

The 4 Steps of Successful Studying

I’m a little late to the advice-giving bandwagon, but here… you… go!

Prioritize: What’s your most important class? Which exam comes first? What are you best at, and what are you worst at? What exam can you cram for? Unfortunately, the answer to the last question is almost always a resounding NONE.

Make a plan: What do you need to do to study for your exams? Do you need to make cue cards, go over lecture notes, or do textbook problems? How much of your precious studying time will each method take? Each exam has a different format, so tailor your studying to match it!

The Study Plan of a Kinesiology Student

As you can see, I have made a comprehensive list of what I have to study for and how I’m going to do it. You can also see that I have not cleaned my desk. Bad Courtney.

Prepare: Find and use all the resources you can! Go to Vista or Connect and look for practice questions, or dig through all those emails to find those darn handouts you’d forgotten about. Don’t forget to take advantage of office hours, your prof’s email, and all your classmates too 😉

Do it! For a distraction-free environment, clear your desk and your computer desktop. Set up Songza to play lyric-free music. And honestly? I wouldn’t worry about making breaks for yourself, if you’re a procrastinator. Once you’re in the flow of studying, it doesn’t really make sense to stop and give yourself a chance to procrastinate more. When you find yourself getting tired of studying, then it’s time to take a break!

Best of luck with your exams!

It’s been a long (but not long) weekend

Things I have to do for the upcoming week:

  1. Write a sport sociology (KIN 161) midterm exam on Tuesday morning.  Even though I get a double-sided “cheat sheet”, it will not be pretty.  I should have listened when they (every other blogger) told me to pre-read.
  2. Attend an anatomy (KIN 190) bell-ringer on Tuesday afternoon.  The bell-ringer is basically a test where each student goes around to stations and answer  questions on anatomy—in this case, specifically the skull, vertebral column, chest, and shoulders. SO. MUCH. MEMORIZATION.
  3. Write a gymnastics (KIN 115) midterm on Wednesday afternoon.  I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I’m taking a gymnastics/dance class this term.  And yes, my midterm is a written one.  It shouldn’t be too hard, but I still have to remember all the fundamentals I’ve learned  in the past month.
  4. Present a sports sociology (KIN 161) debate on Thursday morning.  My group’s topic: “Be it resolved that sport is good for children”.
  5. Complete a chemistry (CHEM 121)  lab on Thursday afternoon.  Remember my last chemistry lab fiasco? I’m determined not to let it happen again.  But there’s just so much work I have to do beforehand…

I just want to curl up in my warm cozy bed and sleep forever! The rain is making me feel lethargic and lazy. I really, really don’t want to do my readings right now, even though I really, really should.

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to work really hard for an hour, and then listen to this song and watch this cute video and feel better.  And then I’m going to repeat again, and again.  Tally-ho!

Edit: Oh, for pineapple’s sake! I forgot about my in-class English essay tomorrow. 🙁