It’s been a long (but not long) weekend

Things I have to do for the upcoming week:

  1. Write a sport sociology (KIN 161) midterm exam on Tuesday morning.  Even though I get a double-sided “cheat sheet”, it will not be pretty.  I should have listened when they (every other blogger) told me to pre-read.
  2. Attend an anatomy (KIN 190) bell-ringer on Tuesday afternoon.  The bell-ringer is basically a test where each student goes around to stations and answer  questions on anatomy—in this case, specifically the skull, vertebral column, chest, and shoulders. SO. MUCH. MEMORIZATION.
  3. Write a gymnastics (KIN 115) midterm on Wednesday afternoon.  I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but I’m taking a gymnastics/dance class this term.  And yes, my midterm is a written one.  It shouldn’t be too hard, but I still have to remember all the fundamentals I’ve learned  in the past month.
  4. Present a sports sociology (KIN 161) debate on Thursday morning.  My group’s topic: “Be it resolved that sport is good for children”.
  5. Complete a chemistry (CHEM 121)  lab on Thursday afternoon.  Remember my last chemistry lab fiasco? I’m determined not to let it happen again.  But there’s just so much work I have to do beforehand…

I just want to curl up in my warm cozy bed and sleep forever! The rain is making me feel lethargic and lazy. I really, really don’t want to do my readings right now, even though I really, really should.

Here’s what I’m going to do: I’m going to work really hard for an hour, and then listen to this song and watch this cute video and feel better.  And then I’m going to repeat again, and again.  Tally-ho!

Edit: Oh, for pineapple’s sake! I forgot about my in-class English essay tomorrow. 🙁

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