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On the first day of Reading Break…

Today I slept in until past 12, for the first time in weeks. And then I just lay in my bed, awake, for an hour. In that time I listened to some Tegan and Sara, played a few games of Tetris, and had a Skype call with my Berkeley boy. All the while snuggled under my thick duvet. It was awesome.

For lunch, I made myself a sandwich of avocados, havarti cheese, pre-sliced turkey breast, random greens, and a chipotle sauce, squished between white bread (which was actually just that special type of brown bread disguised as white bread. You know what I’m talking about). Mmmf, so good.

Here comes the part I’m not so proud of. I sat on the couch and watched PVR’d episodes of How I Met Your Mother, and then I moved to the kitchen table to watch The Powerpuff Girls Movie and Pokemon the Movie: Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice. They were bad. So, so bad. But I watched them anyways.

It’s all the fault of gifs. the gifs prompted me to do it.

The rest of the day passed in a flurry of food (barbecued chicken for dinner!) and fangirl-ing over stuff from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Oh my goodness, there is nothing to dislike about the whole project!

Anyways, I’m promising myself now that the rest of my Reading Break won’t pass by in the same unproductive manner. No matter how good it feels in the present, I’m sure I’ll regret it by the time Saturday rolls around. I’ve got to make the most of it!

I’m here for you, don’t rush.

I have a few couple of things to get off my chest.

First, thank you for all the support for my post about a sexist joke. I’m quite amazed at all the attention it got—the fact that people took the time to read it and understand it was awesome! I hope my message got across clearly, and that more people will be sharing the same sentiment that I felt. 🙂

Secondly, I’d like you all to know that my exams are less than a week away from now, and so I won’t be blogging very often (read: not at all) for the next week. However, I have course reviews that have to be written, and I’m planning on making a comic-post directed at prospective university students, so don’t go away entirely!

Thirdly—actually, that’s all. Here, listen to this song instead. I just can’t get it out of my head!

For people already partway through: Keep going! You can do it!

Haircuts and sore throats

I finally got that much-needed haircut! It was getting ridiculously long and it got in the way of everything, from eating to showering to zipping up my jacket.  I kid you not.

So I had over 4 inches lopped off! There was quite the pile of hair on the salon floor. I think I’m five pounds lighter now, bahaha.

As for other news… I’m sick, despite the flu shot.  Mind you, I’m pretty sure it’s a cold, not the flu, so I’m not actually peeved off about it or anything. It just really sucks because my throat is sore and I can’t eat all the yummy foods available to me (hurrah for Costco runs and Christmas treats!). Also, the Killers/Tegan and Sara* concert is this Monday, so I really really really hope I’m feeling better by then!

Here is the acoustic version of Tiesto’s I Feel It in My Bones! There’s actually an extra stanza in this version that wasn’t included in the Tiesto version, so I like it better 😛

*I’m mostly going to the concert for Tegan and Sara but shhhhh.

Ways to procrastinate: Find new music!

In the face of neverending midterms, I find myself doing anything to avoid studying.  Bad student? Yes, I am.  Anyways…

Move over iTunes Genius, because I’ve found new ways to find cool music and playlists!  My fall playlist has been updated, and I’m very happy about that.  Here, take a look:

1. Songza

Feeling angsty, but can’t find the right music to cry to? Try Songza, which is a free service which recommends and streams music for you!  It’s actually pretty cool— it has a concierge service which can provide you with a carefully crafted playlist depending on your mood!  I use it for all sorts of activities; room-cleaning, homework-doing, sleep-going, etc.  Songza can also be found in app form for iOS and Android.


My friend showed me this one.  Type an artist’s or band’s name into the search bar, and the website find their top ten tracks for you! Sometimes, they’re even available to stream.  This is great if you’ve just heard of a band and want to hear more!  Now everybody, go listen to Tegan and Sara.

3. YouTube Discovery

It’s basically YouTube and tothebestof.com combined.  Stream music videos from your favourite artists in an automatic playlist! Unfortunately, the service tends to give you live videos, so this isn’t really the greatest for straight-up music listening 😛 But this all about procrastinating, isn’t it?

Take note that you need internet connection for all of these services to work! Or you could always do things the old fashioned way and swap iPods with somebody else 🙂 By the way, this is an attempt to start a blog series! Except the episodes/posts won’t come consistently, because I’m inconsistent like that.

Happy listening!



No I’m just kidding.  I didn’t actually do that out loud.

Tonight was definitely the highlight of my week/weekend!  After all, where else am I allowed to belt out my favourite songs? The best part of it was that Tegan and Sara played never-before-heard songs from their upcoming album! I liked them very much.

Now wish me luck in catching up with all the homework I pushed aside. Procrastinating and cramming is not and should not be condoned here.