Quick Exam Season Updates!

Hi, hello, yes I am still alive! Here are some facts about my life to prove it:

Academic status:
I’m doing fairly average all across the board this term. I really hate disliked  some classes, but I found a love in KIN 261: Health, Leisure, and Society. The prof and TAs were brilliant, and it challenged me to take a step back and think critically of everything. I’d recommend for everyone to take that course but please don’t because it’s already hard enough for kin students who need this as a core course to get in.

Co-op status:
Unemployed and kind of discouraged, to be honest. I wanted to do a work term this summer so I could be back to school for the second winter term—and in time for Kin Games 2015. I do have a back-up plan, though; I’ll take CAPS 391 in May-June and then take a break in July-August (and maybe work at the PNE because why not?).

Social status:
I read an article this morning that reflected the reality of what happens as you grow through adulthood. Coupled with my nagging doubt that I’m not doing enough to keep in touch with old friends, I was hit with a wave of panicky “wahhhhh I’m getting older too quickly”. I’m good now, though—future Courtney can worry about what will happen once she graduates.

Health status:
Kind of sneezy, but I can’t tell if I’m sick or just experiencing seasonal allergies. Mentally, kind of anxious about the future, but that’s not too unusual given that it’s exam time.

Eudaimonic status:
I was recently appointed the website manager for the 2015 Kin Games, so I’m super excited to start that project. I’m also in the midst of training for my first-ever half-marathon, which will be a huge accomplishment considering I could barely run 1km last year. So even if everything else in my life goes pear-shaped, I’ll still have these two things to look forward to.

Whew, that was longer than I thought it would be. Thank you, blog, for being something upon which I can unload. I should do it more often.

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