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KIN FROSH Registration is Open!

Kin Frosh is the best! all you other faculties don’t compare. It was an experience I definitely don’t regret. 😀

There’s space for about a third of the incoming class, so hurry and register! Read more at

Today I got hit with a Random Act of Kindness

Okay, maybe ‘hit’ was the wrong word to use.

But something really cool happened today, I swear.

I had just got off the 99 B-line bus, juggling my ipod, backpack, sunglasses, and an empty Tim Horton’s Iced Capp cup (seriously, those things are the best on a hot summer day). I meant to put the container in a garbage bin as soon as I got off the bus, but somehow I’d dropped it in the excitement of actually getting off the bus—smooth move, I know.

When I turned around to pick up the straw and cup, I saw a 60ish-year-old man  holding up my trash. He said something, and I was like “huh?”, and then in a much louder voice he said he’d find a garbage and throw it away for me. I was pretty surprised, but I said “alright” and went on my way.

I told you it was a cool story.

Actually, though, this is a friendly reminder that Vancouver is full of nice people. I’m pretty darn lucky to live here.

Internet Savvy: Tumblr + UBC

As an (sort of, kind of) avid blogger, I’m very familiar with Tumblr, which is part blogging platform, part social media platform, and generally pretty awesome. Thus, I have compiled a list of UBC and Tumblr things! Huffah for everybody!

What We Should Call UBC

Hands down, this is the funniest inspired-by-UBC blog out there. It’s a reaction gif blog that speaks for basically every UBC student. It really encapsulates all your feelings about everything that happens on campus! And the student behind the blog is like, one of the biggest mysteries on campus. Ah-nah-nee-mussss.

Life as a UBC Student

This Tumblr blog is run by Anna, a third-year biology major. She’s really, really good with giving academic advice, especially about enrolling in sciences. Also, she’s super duper nice!

The #UBC tag

It’s a bit hit-and-miss, but generally you can find a lot of other Tumblr users getting geared up about going to UBC this time of year. Excitement and feelings and things, yaaaaaay.

Happy tumbling!


Registration complete!

Man, that was stressful.

I’m not sure whether I should be pleased or angry with myself for the final result. My term 1 schedule is pretty normal looking, with lots of short breaks and decent breaks. All in all, it’s good.

On the other hand, I have a weird looking second term schedule:


I’m glad I have the Fridays off, but I wish that 1-hour FNH 250 (nutrition concepts) class occurred on Tuesday or Thursday instead. Heck, I’d take a three-hour lecture to get that extra day off. Can you hear me, course scheduling gods?

My registration is on Tuesday…

…So in the spirit of true procrastination, I’ve left Monday night and Tuesday morning free for some serious work list making. Right now, though, I’ll enjoy the sun!

Seems like a good way to start off my second year 😀