Make the most of your commute

As seen on the UBC FYI blog.

Confession: fall at UBC is my favourite time and place of the year.

There’s literally nothing to dislike about it. The weather is nice, I have a new set of school supplies (seriously, nothing beats fresh notebooks), and there are so many opportunities out there!  Student life is at its most vibrant at this time of year.

As a commuter student, I often find myself torn: do I stay at school to immerse myself in this crazy amazing atmosphere—or do I go home to get some work done, unwind, and of course get some much needed sleep?

The struggle is so real.

So every term, I do three things:

First, I scope out the ultimate spot for studying and relaxing. Sometimes it’s Brock Hall, other times it’s an unused classroom in Woodward IRC. In the long hours between classes, I need somewhere I can be comfortable!

Secondly, I plan out my bus route to a T. With two hours of public transit a day, I need to make the most of my commute by minimizing the time spent waiting at the bus stop, and using the bus ride to do something useful (i.e. nap time! Or studying time, if you’re into that).

Lastly, I find friends who have similar schedules to mine. Staying late at school to study is fun, but studying with friends is better!

I’m super excited for this year. Are you?

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