How to sleep on the bus

This is how I’ve come to take naps on the bus!
The slouching minimizes the distance between your face and your bag, therefore reducing the strain on your neck.  Also, you can avoid making eye contact with strangers this way. Tried, tested, true!

This is the alternate position, and also the comfier one. It only works when you’re small enough (or the seat is big enough) to rest your head on the back of the seat. However, it’s not very attractive as your neck gets stretched out and your mouth has a tendency to loll open.

Don’t do these.

RUDE. If on priority seating, DOUBLY RUDE.

This is not how you make friends.

Following this position, you may end up on the bus floor *shudder*

Note the drool. What of course this has never happened to me!

For those of you who have good bus ettiquette, Kan has a few grateful words for you.

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