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How I spent my Christmas

How Christmas day is spent

I’m back and the holidays are here!

Hullo, world!

I’m alive and well. I survived my finals!… but barely. My last exam (the final final on the 19th) got cancelled because of the heavy snow (by Vancouver traffic standards). The busses couldn’t get up the hill to campus, and traffic was chaotic, and there were people who had to walk uphill to UBC, and it was just not pretty.

I got lucky and my mum drove me to school. It took us two whole hours to get from North Burnaby to the bus loop of UBC.  Thankfully, I was there early and I had time to grab breakfast and meet up with a friend before heading over to the Scarfe building for my exam. When we got there, however, other students in our class notified of the recent announcement that our exam was cancelled. Slightly dejected, my friend and I went on our way home. It was okay because he drove that day and I was able to catch a ride with him. We have to write that exam the first Sunday after school starts. booooooooooo.

Apart from that one mishap, though, I suppose the end of my first semester at UBC went pretty smoothly. Hurray for winter break!

Dear future Courtney

It is feeling like a really, really bad idea to have taken 5 courses.

At first, it was alright and everything about university was hunky-dory.

But now it’s a little too much—the bags under my eyes feel permanent, and I’m not feeling very confident right now. Five exams is too many. I think that extra course—KIN 115—might have been a bad idea.

Granted, I would have never met those cool people, like Ashley and Nadan (and actually everyone in that class) if I hadn’t taken it. I wouldn’t have learned how to do a handstand either. In fact, I don’t think my first term at UBC would have been as fun without my gymnastics/dance course.

But still—I know now that a bigger courseload is a little too much. So please don’t choose to take 5 courses again! We already have enough credits anyways.


Courtney of December 14th, 2012.

PS. Ignore this if you’re in fifth year, because I really, really want to have graduated after 5 years. I don’t want to be an undergrad forever.

PPS. If I do well on my finals this term, send me a sign! Quickly. Please.

First term transitions

September: I’m going to put on makeup and do different hairstyles everyday! I’m going to wear all my prettiest clothes and swear off the hoodies! I am going to be beautiful this year, gosh darn it!

October: Meh. Eh. Midterms are making life hard for me, but that won’t stop me from looking nice! Makeup is reserved for special occasions only. I haven’t gone shopping in a long time. I need rain boots.

November: My morning routine consists of brushing my teeth and nothing else.  I’ve forgotten what a comb looks like, and my hair is too long, because I have put off a haircut, and it gets in the way of everything. The toque and rain boots have become my school uniform, and I really hope no one notices that I’ve worn these jeans every day for the past week.

December: I know nothing but pajamas and sweat pants.  I have not seen direct sunlight for 36 hours, although I’ve heard stories about it from the people I’m living with. Please, let this term end quickly and painlessly.

For anyone doing neurophysiology…

Parts of the Brain, by Pinky and the Brain! I remember my psychology AP teacher showing this video to our class. The whole week after, all I could hear was “brainstem, brainstem!