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Song of the Summer


Alright, maybe not the song of the summer. But it’s certainly my favourite song at the moment.

Also, I’m not dead. I’m just really busy with being a responsible adult figure  work and getting ready for school and stuff. 


Once again with feeling

Hello, blogosphere. Did you miss me?

Yeah, I missed you too.

Obviously, summer has made me less inclined to write posts. And you can’t blame me because look, it’s so clear outside right now. I don’t think Vancouver has had summer come so early before in my lifetime.

Anyways, I just wanted to update to let y’all know that yes, I’m still alive and kicking.

Also, congratulations to those of you that have just gotten accepted into UBC. This time last year, I had just gotten the acceptance package—and man, it felt good. So good that it derailed my focus on my then-upcoming statistics AP exam. Heh, heh. Time for some celebratory music!

Good job, all of you. Keep it up.

I’ll post soon again, I promise!

Last day of exams

So I don’t know if you guys noticed, but there are giant bean bags all over the main part of the UBCV campus. I’m looking at you, Main Mall.

They’re literally huge, white, squishy, organ-shaped sacks with “Pop Rocks” printed on them in red ink. They appear to be here for the sole purpose of being stepped, sat, and lounged upon. seriously UBC, what’s going on.

They’re not even that soft 🙁 Lounge upon them I did, though! With a vengeance.

Friendly warning: contact with the giant bean bags results in noticeable amounts of static. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Anyways, my point is that I finally have time to goof off on giant bean bags and not feel bad about it.  My last exam was biomechanics and I’d like to say that I aced it but who knows.

I’m not worrying about it, because I’ve got four academic-free months of summer! Huffah! 😀

Now to job hunt and clean my room. Yay priorities.


And here’s my new favourite song!

PS. I think I’ve pretty much kept up my end of the Blog Squad contract, so that’s all good and done now. I’m not really sure if I still count as a BlogSquadder or not, but I’m going to continue blogging into the summer (so you can sleep soundly now).

Potatoes, cherry blossoms, and ukuleles

Hi there.

Long time, no blog. I know.

Between classes and things ending, and exams and job opportunities looming, I’d say I’m a little stressed out. And stress makes me mopey, which puts me off blogging. Kind of like how a sad sack of potatoes doesn’t blog.

Despite that, there are good things that have happened.

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A song to reflect the weather

Also, here is a friendly reminder to myself that finals are less than two weeks away and that I should be studying.

I’ll start after Easter dinner, I promise.