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NaNoWriMo for the Uncreative

The other day, my sister asked me if I wanted to do National Novel Writing Month with her. This means writing xxxx number of words a day.

She’s doing a minor in a creative writing. How do I compete with that?

cannot compute

I’m exhausted already.

But what if I didn’t restrict myself to a creative exercise? What if instead, I made this into a multi-chapter technical writing exercise?

I’ve got a couple ideas for using the idea of NaNoWriMo to develop written communication skills for real-world applications. Just try to flesh out your own personal, professional writing style by practicing, practicing, practicing. No word count minimum required. Such fun! So adult!

For the Procrastinator: respond to one email a day. Or maybe write one email a day (perhaps that “stupid” question you were too scared to ask your prof?). If there’s no email to be drafted or responded to, unsubscribe from one of those annoying marketing e-blasts that you receive because you wanted to win a free watch that one time. Okay, I never said any of my ideas were good ideas.

For the Interview-Challenged (ayyyyy): answer one interview question a day. Google or Bing the most common questions, and brainstorm your best answer. Keep your work in a folder to pull up and review the next time you get a call back from that internship you really want. I’m excited to try this one, especially since I’m collecting interview-worthy experiences through my co-op right now.

For the over-sharer at heart: blog every day. Pffffft, ok. Hasn’t worked well for me, but maybe for you?

For the Extremely Ambitious: a cover letter a day. No, I’m not suggesting you do 30 job applications. I just think that by trying to write the same things over and over again, you’ll find the best way of explaining what you really meant. Plus, you can write draft cover letter templates for different job types—a sports marketing company is gonna look for very different things than a physiotherapy clinic.

Got any better ideas? Holla at ya girl (dats me!).

Happy writing!

When I don’t understand what I’m studying

Manatee Squash

Studying physiology. Studying chemistry. Especially chemistry.

I’m back! But only sort of.

So I still have a ton of school work left to do, but I missed blogging too much to stop <3

Surprisingly, I’m not feeling the stress of final exams yet.  Maybe it’s because mine don’t start until December 12th? Which is relatively late… My final final exam is late too; it’s on the 19th.  Of course I would have exams up until the very end.

I’m really looking forward to the end of the week! Once we’re done class, I’m going to do two things:

  1. Sleep through more than two circadian rhythms.
  2. Rub it in the face of my younger sister, who has school until the 21st.

Anyways, got to go back to bullshitting writing beautifully crafted pieces full of excessive wordiness, needless verbiage, inordinate jargon, redundant loquacity, and general beating-around-the-bush. Will write soon, I promise!

Ways to procrastinate: Do other homework!


I should be studying neurophysiology and muscle physiology right now… but nope! Instead, I’m taking the time to do my dance observations assignment.

Which is also due tomorrow.

No big deal.

And when I want to take a real break, I go onto Skype and talk to my best friend and then I start listening to this:

I will be okay.  I can do this!

Turkey bloat

Hullo, everybody!

I hope that you’re all happy and content after the long weekend, and that you’ve counted your thanks.  I know I am and have 😀 I also happen to be sporting a healthy food baby.  Mmm, stuffing; the best part of the meal.  At times like these, I’m glad to be living at home.

I was hoping to post a picture of the turkey yesterday, but I got caught up with procrastinating  studying chemistry.  Chemistry, why must you be so confusing?

So here instead is a summary of my long weekend. Also, Kim’s.

Someone please, teach me how to study efficiently 🙁