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Came home late tonight…

And all I want to do is sleep for years. Blargh.

G’night, everybody!

Back on track.


I am in a good mood because I had another BlogSquad bloggers’ meeting this evening.  They’re a real awesome bunch, y’know? We all reintroduced ourselves and rehashed on what it means to be a UBC blogger.

For some odd reason, my name didn’t fit on my name tag. :(

Before that, though, I had a bit of a terrible time.  I had to rush from Osbourne Centre to the CSI&C* at Brock Hall in 10 minutes, because I had gymnastics right before our meeting (yes, UBC offers a gymnastics class! But more on that later).  If you didn’t know, the Osbourne Centre is right by the Thunderbird arena, which is pretty darn far. 

Actually, I’m pretty sure that a lot of students don’t ever wander farther south on campus than that.  That’s how far Osbourne is.

So that’s one of my complaints about being a kinesiology student: Our classes are all over the map.  So a lot of us end up rushing between classes and being late to practically everything.  At least it keeps us in shape.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I’m back to blogging about UBC things (for a little while, anyways). And I’ve got some ideas for new drawings! Yay! Also, I’m going to get back on track with homework. So here we go.


*Centre for Student Involvement and Careers.  You should check it out, because I heard there are some cool people there.

Finally, freebies!

Today, I picked up some free Kin swag.  It was pretty awesome, because all I had to do was fill out a couple of surveys and huzzah! free t-shirt and beer mug.

Although it would’ve been nice if the mug didn’t have “Class of 2011” etched on it.  But borrowers can’t choosers!


I’m going to wear this to Day of the Longboat.

Time to hit the books!

Whew! The weekend’s over.  I’ve had time to sleep, eat, paint my nails, soak up sun, catch up with family and old high school friends, and did I mention sleep?

I am now ready to finally start studying for tomorrow’s anatomy lecture in my Kin 190 class! Wait a minute, I thought I had that class on Friday…

It feels a bit strange to have the same class for what feels like the second time in a row.  At my high school (Burnaby North, in case you were wondering), we had a weird system where we had 4 classes a day, and every other day we had a different set of classes.  So we’d have classes A, B, C, and D on days 1 and 3, and classes E, F, G, and H on days 2 and 4.  To make it even more confusing, each day had a mixed up order of classes, and Wednesdays classes were shortened because we had a tutorial period.  Those administrators were definitely trying to mess with our heads.

My point is, I’m not quite used to having a set weekly schedule.  Routines are downright unfamiliar to me, especially in when I’m in my denying-that-summer-is-over phase! The beautiful weather isn’t helping.  But I’ve got to get over that, because it has come to my attention that midterms will be upon us in a month.  And that is a scary thought.

I’m very good at procrastinating, indeed.

Here I come, bone structure!