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Last exam, let’s go!

Sports psychology? Meh.

2nd last day of exams? Ugh.

7pm? WORST. ‘specially if you gotta get up early the next morning.
bad weather jinxIt’s been a year and people who had exams on December 19th, 2012 are still angry hahahaha.

Kinesiology Co-op Program application is due in 3 days

Oh, lordy.

Since the beginning of first year, I’ve been planning to apply to the co-op program. And subsequently be accepted.

So why do I find myself so woefully underprepared? Why is my rationale statement so completely botched and terrible? WHY.

my writing is terrible

Teenaged angst

Registration complete!

Man, that was stressful.

I’m not sure whether I should be pleased or angry with myself for the final result. My term 1 schedule is pretty normal looking, with lots of short breaks and decent breaks. All in all, it’s good.

On the other hand, I have a weird looking second term schedule:


I’m glad I have the Fridays off, but I wish that 1-hour FNH 250 (nutrition concepts) class occurred on Tuesday or Thursday instead. Heck, I’d take a three-hour lecture to get that extra day off. Can you hear me, course scheduling gods?

Dear future Courtney

It is feeling like a really, really bad idea to have taken 5 courses.

At first, it was alright and everything about university was hunky-dory.

But now it’s a little too much—the bags under my eyes feel permanent, and I’m not feeling very confident right now. Five exams is too many. I think that extra course—KIN 115—might have been a bad idea.

Granted, I would have never met those cool people, like Ashley and Nadan (and actually everyone in that class) if I hadn’t taken it. I wouldn’t have learned how to do a handstand either. In fact, I don’t think my first term at UBC would have been as fun without my gymnastics/dance course.

But still—I know now that a bigger courseload is a little too much. So please don’t choose to take 5 courses again! We already have enough credits anyways.


Courtney of December 14th, 2012.

PS. Ignore this if you’re in fifth year, because I really, really want to have graduated after 5 years. I don’t want to be an undergrad forever.

PPS. If I do well on my finals this term, send me a sign! Quickly. Please.

Happy Halloween!

This year, I’ve got the wickedest set-up at my house.

Meet Red.  He’s going to be ‘opening’ the door and greeting all the kiddies tonight! Hopefully he doesn’t freak them out too much.

He came to me via my uncle, who’s colleague was a personal injuries lawyer.  Thus, he obtained the skeleton and passed it on to lucky ol’ me!

Red is also going to be my study buddy for anatomy class (KIN 190).  Thank goodness, because then I won’t have to trek all the way to Osbourne to study bones!  Not to mention that all the skeletons in my anatomy lab seem to have back problems.

So yes, we’re going to be good friends.

But it doesn’t mean I’m not freaked out every time I glance at him. *shudder*