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A KIN student in unchartered territory

I wandered into the Abdul Ladha Centre for the first time yesterday morning. I wonder how busy it gets in the afternoon? I swear, the few people sitting in the lounges could tell I was a foreigner.  It might have been the lost look on my face. The place smelt amazing — all cedar and clean and pretty.  Why can’t Kin have a building like that.  

Or the Sauder building.

At least we’re not in Buchanan.

Sorry that was out of line.

I’ll stop now.

Back on track.


I am in a good mood because I had another BlogSquad bloggers’ meeting this evening.  They’re a real awesome bunch, y’know? We all reintroduced ourselves and rehashed on what it means to be a UBC blogger.

For some odd reason, my name didn’t fit on my name tag. :(

Before that, though, I had a bit of a terrible time.  I had to rush from Osbourne Centre to the CSI&C* at Brock Hall in 10 minutes, because I had gymnastics right before our meeting (yes, UBC offers a gymnastics class! But more on that later).  If you didn’t know, the Osbourne Centre is right by the Thunderbird arena, which is pretty darn far. 

Actually, I’m pretty sure that a lot of students don’t ever wander farther south on campus than that.  That’s how far Osbourne is.

So that’s one of my complaints about being a kinesiology student: Our classes are all over the map.  So a lot of us end up rushing between classes and being late to practically everything.  At least it keeps us in shape.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I’m back to blogging about UBC things (for a little while, anyways). And I’ve got some ideas for new drawings! Yay! Also, I’m going to get back on track with homework. So here we go.


*Centre for Student Involvement and Careers.  You should check it out, because I heard there are some cool people there.