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Last exam, let’s go!

Sports psychology? Meh.

2nd last day of exams? Ugh.

7pm? WORST. ‘specially if you gotta get up early the next morning.
bad weather jinxIt’s been a year and people who had exams on December 19th, 2012 are still angry hahahaha.

Kinesiology Co-op Program application is due in 3 days

Oh, lordy.

Since the beginning of first year, I’ve been planning to apply to the co-op program. And subsequently be accepted.

So why do I find myself so woefully underprepared? Why is my rationale statement so completely botched and terrible? WHY.

my writing is terrible

Teenaged angst

Sunny days at UBC confuse me so much

I want to go outside and read because it’s sunny and warm and delicious and it won’t last, but I also don’t want to read outside because it’s sunny and the glare off the white pages will be too much for my poor eyes.

Do you see my problem?

P.S. If you’re ever feeling lame, just remember that I go to my math class an hour early because I have nothing better to do.

Using the wi-fi in the library

Doing the internet thing

When the web page doesn't load...

No wi-fi signal!

Blame everyone else for the bad internet

5 reasons why I won’t be blogging for the next week

  1. I have that darn Chemistry lab test tomorrow. As if labs weren’t stressful enough, we have to come up with the procedure ourselves.  Joy.
  2. I have a research paper due on Monday. I was not notified it was due on Monday until last Sunday.
  3. I have another anatomy bellringer on Tuesday.  This means I have to memorize the locations of 79 muscles and goodness-knows-how-may bones in the arm, hand, pelvis, leg, and foot.  Good luck to me indeed!
  4. I have a writing assignment portfolio for English class due on Wednesday. This means many, many pages of hastily-written nonsense.
  5. My boyfriend is coming home for the weekend tonight and I’m so excited a;sdklfja;lsdfja;lskdfj;alkfj;lasjfla.
Regardless of whether you read the above list, I’d like to let y’all know that I’m not dead (hopefully), but rather very very busy.  In the meantime, why don’t you read some of my older posts? 🙂 I don’t care if this is shameless self-promotion, you know you like it.