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I know what a sinus is

In other words, I’m sick.

But I don’t think my sinuses are clogged. Rather, I’ve just been hacking my lungs out coughing a lotAll the stress of midterms and late nights and bad eating and dealing with people  somehow got snowballed itself into a destroyer of immune systems and now I’m feeling bleh.

On the bright side, I’m done two midterms, and the long weekend is coming up! If I’m correct, this is the first ever Family Day! Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

Sun makes me hopeful

To break up the monotony of all the previous text posts, I have found some music that matches the weather! And yes, I mean the SUNNY weather 🙂


I’m hoping for good grades on my midterms, good health (I’ve been having coughing fits lately), and more good weather. What are you hoping for?

Ways to procrastinate: Do other homework!


I should be studying neurophysiology and muscle physiology right now… but nope! Instead, I’m taking the time to do my dance observations assignment.

Which is also due tomorrow.

No big deal.

And when I want to take a real break, I go onto Skype and talk to my best friend and then I start listening to this:

I will be okay.  I can do this!

Huzzah for love songs!

Here’s one of my favourites, “The Way I Am” by Ingrid Michaelson 🙂

Clown hugs and kisses if you know which commercial this song was featured in!

Happy Monday everybody!