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This Year

BIOL 112 with Dr. Sunita Chowrira

MATH 184 with Richard Anstee

PSYCH 208 with Dr. Paul Wehr

KIN 231 with Dr. Peter Crocker

KIN 230 with Dr. Amanda Chisholm

KIN 261 with Dr. Laura Hurd-Clarke

KIN 275 with Dr. Maria Gallo

KIN 284 with Dr. Shannon Bredin


CHEM 121 with Dr. Roman Krems

ENG 112 with Gudrun Dreher

KIN 115B with Jennifer Dober and Kay Barnes

KIN 190 with Dr. Tanya Lam

KIN 161 with Janna Taylor

CHEM 123 with Chris Addison and Dr. Katherine Ryan

KIN 191 with Dr. Jim Rupert

KIN 151 with Dr. Paul Kennedy

KIN 103 with Dr. Maria Gallo

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