Dear future Courtney

It is feeling like a really, really bad idea to have taken 5 courses.

At first, it was alright and everything about university was hunky-dory.

But now it’s a little too much—the bags under my eyes feel permanent, and I’m not feeling very confident right now. Five exams is too many. I think that extra course—KIN 115—might have been a bad idea.

Granted, I would have never met those cool people, like Ashley and Nadan (and actually everyone in that class) if I hadn’t taken it. I wouldn’t have learned how to do a handstand either. In fact, I don’t think my first term at UBC would have been as fun without my gymnastics/dance course.

But still—I know now that a bigger courseload is a little too much. So please don’t choose to take 5 courses again! We already have enough credits anyways.


Courtney of December 14th, 2012.

PS. Ignore this if you’re in fifth year, because I really, really want to have graduated after 5 years. I don’t want to be an undergrad forever.

PPS. If I do well on my finals this term, send me a sign! Quickly. Please.

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