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I’m here for you, don’t rush.

I have a few couple of things to get off my chest.

First, thank you for all the support for my post about a sexist joke. I’m quite amazed at all the attention it got—the fact that people took the time to read it and understand it was awesome! I hope my message got across clearly, and that more people will be sharing the same sentiment that I felt. 🙂

Secondly, I’d like you all to know that my exams are less than a week away from now, and so I won’t be blogging very often (read: not at all) for the next week. However, I have course reviews that have to be written, and I’m planning on making a comic-post directed at prospective university students, so don’t go away entirely!

Thirdly—actually, that’s all. Here, listen to this song instead. I just can’t get it out of my head!

For people already partway through: Keep going! You can do it!

When I’m wearing rainboots…


Navigating lakes and puddles

It is worth noting that after maybe 10 uses of my brand-new rain boots, I have discovered that they now take on water. I am an unlucky duck.

The 4 Steps of Successful Studying

I’m a little late to the advice-giving bandwagon, but here… you… go!

Prioritize: What’s your most important class? Which exam comes first? What are you best at, and what are you worst at? What exam can you cram for? Unfortunately, the answer to the last question is almost always a resounding NONE.

Make a plan: What do you need to do to study for your exams? Do you need to make cue cards, go over lecture notes, or do textbook problems? How much of your precious studying time will each method take? Each exam has a different format, so tailor your studying to match it!

The Study Plan of a Kinesiology Student

As you can see, I have made a comprehensive list of what I have to study for and how I’m going to do it. You can also see that I have not cleaned my desk. Bad Courtney.

Prepare: Find and use all the resources you can! Go to Vista or Connect and look for practice questions, or dig through all those emails to find those darn handouts you’d forgotten about. Don’t forget to take advantage of office hours, your prof’s email, and all your classmates too 😉

Do it! For a distraction-free environment, clear your desk and your computer desktop. Set up Songza to play lyric-free music. And honestly? I wouldn’t worry about making breaks for yourself, if you’re a procrastinator. Once you’re in the flow of studying, it doesn’t really make sense to stop and give yourself a chance to procrastinate more. When you find yourself getting tired of studying, then it’s time to take a break!

Best of luck with your exams!

FlexPass woes

So I bought a FlexPass for parking a few week ago, which makes parking a little cheaper for me in the long run.  I get 11 uses out of it, which is good because I take transit to school most of the time. You can’t go in and out of the parkade, though, which is too bad.

When I was buying it, I thought “hey, Thunderbird is an excellent place to park my car!” So I chose to activate my parking pass for the Thunderbird Parkade.

Now here is a list of the pros and cons of my decision:


  • It’s close to Osbourne.  There are kinesiology classes in Osbourne.


  • I have only one class in Osbourne next term. 
  • It’s 109238409283097 metres from everywhere else. Including all the exits off campus. 

My conclusion? I’m turning out to be more of a goof than I thought I was.

PS. SpellCheck is telling me ‘parkade’ isn’t a word.  Am I doing something wrong?

Haircuts and sore throats

I finally got that much-needed haircut! It was getting ridiculously long and it got in the way of everything, from eating to showering to zipping up my jacket.  I kid you not.

So I had over 4 inches lopped off! There was quite the pile of hair on the salon floor. I think I’m five pounds lighter now, bahaha.

As for other news… I’m sick, despite the flu shot.  Mind you, I’m pretty sure it’s a cold, not the flu, so I’m not actually peeved off about it or anything. It just really sucks because my throat is sore and I can’t eat all the yummy foods available to me (hurrah for Costco runs and Christmas treats!). Also, the Killers/Tegan and Sara* concert is this Monday, so I really really really hope I’m feeling better by then!

Here is the acoustic version of Tiesto’s I Feel It in My Bones! There’s actually an extra stanza in this version that wasn’t included in the Tiesto version, so I like it better 😛

*I’m mostly going to the concert for Tegan and Sara but shhhhh.