FlexPass woes

So I bought a FlexPass for parking a few week ago, which makes parking a little cheaper for me in the long run.  I get 11 uses out of it, which is good because I take transit to school most of the time. You can’t go in and out of the parkade, though, which is too bad.

When I was buying it, I thought “hey, Thunderbird is an excellent place to park my car!” So I chose to activate my parking pass for the Thunderbird Parkade.

Now here is a list of the pros and cons of my decision:


  • It’s close to Osbourne.  There are kinesiology classes in Osbourne.


  • I have only one class in Osbourne next term. 
  • It’s 109238409283097 metres from everywhere else. Including all the exits off campus. 

My conclusion? I’m turning out to be more of a goof than I thought I was.

PS. SpellCheck is telling me ‘parkade’ isn’t a word.  Am I doing something wrong?

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