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Haircuts and sore throats

I finally got that much-needed haircut! It was getting ridiculously long and it got in the way of everything, from eating to showering to zipping up my jacket.  I kid you not.

So I had over 4 inches lopped off! There was quite the pile of hair on the salon floor. I think I’m five pounds lighter now, bahaha.

As for other news… I’m sick, despite the flu shot.  Mind you, I’m pretty sure it’s a cold, not the flu, so I’m not actually peeved off about it or anything. It just really sucks because my throat is sore and I can’t eat all the yummy foods available to me (hurrah for Costco runs and Christmas treats!). Also, the Killers/Tegan and Sara* concert is this Monday, so I really really really hope I’m feeling better by then!

Here is the acoustic version of Tiesto’s I Feel It in My Bones! There’s actually an extra stanza in this version that wasn’t included in the Tiesto version, so I like it better 😛

*I’m mostly going to the concert for Tegan and Sara but shhhhh.