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First term transitions

September: I’m going to put on makeup and do different hairstyles everyday! I’m going to wear all my prettiest clothes and swear off the hoodies! I am going to be beautiful this year, gosh darn it!

October: Meh. Eh. Midterms are making life hard for me, but that won’t stop me from looking nice! Makeup is reserved for special occasions only. I haven’t gone shopping in a long time. I need rain boots.

November: My morning routine consists of brushing my teeth and nothing else.  I’ve forgotten what a comb looks like, and my hair is too long, because I have put off a haircut, and it gets in the way of everything. The toque and rain boots have become my school uniform, and I really hope no one notices that I’ve worn these jeans every day for the past week.

December: I know nothing but pajamas and sweat pants.  I have not seen direct sunlight for 36 hours, although I’ve heard stories about it from the people I’m living with. Please, let this term end quickly and painlessly.