Internet Savvy: Tumblr + UBC

As an (sort of, kind of) avid blogger, I’m very familiar with Tumblr, which is part blogging platform, part social media platform, and generally pretty awesome. Thus, I have compiled a list of UBC and Tumblr things! Huffah for everybody!

What We Should Call UBC

Hands down, this is the funniest inspired-by-UBC blog out there. It’s a reaction gif blog that speaks for basically every UBC student. It really encapsulates all your feelings about everything that happens on campus! And the student behind the blog is like, one of the biggest mysteries on campus. Ah-nah-nee-mussss.

Life as a UBC Student

This Tumblr blog is run by Anna, a third-year biology major. She’s really, really good with giving academic advice, especially about enrolling in sciences. Also, she’s super duper nice!

The #UBC tag

It’s a bit hit-and-miss, but generally you can find a lot of other Tumblr users getting geared up about going to UBC this time of year. Excitement and feelings and things, yaaaaaay.

Happy tumbling!


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