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Sunny music for rainy days

Y’know how it rains here in Vancouver? Y’know, like virtually ALL THE TIME?  Well! I found some songs that get me out of my bad weather funk, and might do the same for you, too! No guarantees.


10 rainbow-spewing ponies for anyone who knows in which cartoon the singer of Hey Ocean starred! Yay!

Have a good week, everyone! Don’t let the rain get you down!

A TV Show?

On my way to the Osborne Centre, I saw that the B1 parking lot between Agronomy Road and Thunderbird Boulevard was occupied.  There were a lot of trailers and tents set up, and people milling about.  Many of those people were dressed in scrubs (the clothing health workers wear). Others were fiddling with equipment and pointing at things.


Apparently, UBC’s the set for a new TV show coming out this October.  It will be on CBC, according to a nearby traffic control guy.

This isn’t the first show (or movie) to be filmed at UBC.  If you go to Wikipedia, there’s a huge list of shows and movies filmed on campus, as well as the rest of Greater Vancouver.  It actually surprises me how many films had scenes that were shot here.

From what I could see of the costumes, it’s going to be a medical show.  So perhaps there will be clips that are shot in some of the local hospitals? We’ll have to see in October!