84 Bus Stall

Something weird happened on the way home this afternoon.

Normally, I prefer taking the 84 bus to VCC-Clark, and then Skytrain-ing it home (yep, just made Skytrain a verb). It’s a relatively fast, smooth ride, and I nearly always fall asleep on the bus.

This afternoon, however, my transit home was not so smooth.  At the Cambie stop, the bus driver announced that it was his last stop, and we all had to get off the bus and take some other shuttle to go to the VVC-Clark station. Of course we couldn’t really argue with him, so everyone got off the bus and lined up at the bus stop sign.

It was a good thing I woke up from my usual nap just in time to hear his announcement, otherwise I would have felt very silly. Since I was still a little dazed, I missed his reasoning for why we had to get off.

We ended up waiting in the light drizzle for about 5-10 minutes before another, empty 84 bus came. This we took to be our shuttle, and thank goodness because I was starting to get worried it was. After all the people from my bus got onto the new bus, another 84 bus pulled up behind and dropped more people off. All these people crammed into the new bus and off we went.

I noticed that we didn’t stop at the normal 84 stops, either. Strange, strange, strange.

The moral of this story is that you should leave lots of time for transit. You never know when a bus might break down, get stuck in snow, or leave you stranded on the side of the road for a period of time.

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