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On The Button Bonspiel

Originally, the description of my blog was supposed to be “UBC, Kin, and curling: all in a funsized package”. However, I haven’t gotten to curl very much this school year—I’d been out on the ice for a grand total of 2 times before tonight.

So when my old high school teammate messaged me about the On The Button Bonspiel held by UBC REC, I jumped at the chance. Of course, we registered at the last minute, and only managed to get 3 girls on our team, including me.

The bonspiel (essentially, a tournament) was held at the Richmond Curling Centre. Normally, when you curl there isn’t loud music blasting from a stereo, because the extra noise makes it harder for the players to communicate. For example, imagine that I’m at one end of the ice sheet and my friend Brenna is at the other end.

Me: What shot do yeh think we should make?
Brenna: *waggles arms and shouts something I can’t understand*
Me: I don’t comprehend. WHAT?
Brenna: *makes motion again*
Me: I can’t hear you. WHAT?!

In the case of the UBC REC event, however, the background dance music worked because there were a lot of new-to-curling players on the ice, and so vital, game-changing communication was kept to a minimum. Actually, I think the music brought a lot of fun to the game.

We played 3 matches of 2 ends, which took about two hours. It wasn’t super competitive, so I didn’t stress out much about winning although I’m kind of disappointed with my performance. No matter whether we won or lost, it was fun!

One complaint I have, though, is that the ice was super dirty. If you don’t know curling, clean ice is super important. My suspicion is that not all of the new-to-curling players were wearing shoes with clean soles. Maybe next year they will provide fly paper to peel away the dirt with?

To conclude, I think that this is one of the best ways to get into curling 😀 I highly encourage everyone reading this to try it out next year!

Day of the Longboat (or oversized canoe!)

Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke! Golly, that word sounds weird after a while.

For those you you who haven’t heard about it, Day of the Longboat is a UBC REC event held at Jericho Beach.  Basically, you form a team with whomever you like (I went with a faculty team) and you race against other teams in an oversized canoe.  It’s more fun than I describe it to be, I promise!

Here’s how my day went:

  • I got up at 6am this morning.  Yes, on a Sunday (the horror!).  There was no sun, and the moon was still high in the sky (and it was really, really bright).
  • I drove to Jericho Beach, which took me half an hour.  It was a lovely drive because all the lights along my route were pedestrian lights, and since no-one was out at 7 in the morning… What? Of course I didn’t speed!
  • Paying for parking at the lot was a pain for three reasons:
    • Today, you have to pay for parking; tomorrow, parking is free.
    • $3 an hour.  Seriously, why so outrageous?
    • I had no coins, which meant I scrambled around for twenty minutes looking for people who had change for a $10 bill.
  • I met up with 8 other first-year kinesiology students. Our team name? The Kintagious Kinky Kinners!   …Oh boy, do Kinners love their puns.
  •  We went out in our oversized canoe longboat and paddled hard. I’m pleased to say that there was no capsizing of any sort, although we came close. There was, however, lots of screaming, splashing, cheering, and laughing.
  • We did not come in last place. 😀
  •  We soaked in the (really, super-duper-ultra-hot) hot tub for a bit, and then went out for lunch and cheered and heckled incoming teams from other heats.  There were a lot of kinesiology teams out there, and we cheered for them all!

The KKK: After the race!

What disappointed me (a little): after we finished up, it felt like there wasn’t much to do. There was a feeling of “What now?” once we got out of our lifejackets, and there seemed to be no incentives for us to stick around. (Maybe that’s good, because we all had to study for our physiology midterm).

Still, I’d say Day of the Longboat is one event that all UBC students have to do at least once.  If you’re looking for spirit, you’d find it here!  It’s definitely a team bonding activity, so I’d recommend that you gather a group of friends, or people from your floor, or your faculty. And for goodness’ sake, not that kid you really can’t stand. 

Can’t wait for next year!