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Exploring: The Museum of Anthropology

Hola! Have I ever mentioned that I love my classes this term?

Here’s one of the reasons why: My English professor, Gudrun Dreher, took us on a “field trip” to UBC’s Museum of Anthropology! It was a refreshing change from textual analysis in our little classroom in Buchanan D.

The MOA (Museum of Anthropology) can be found in the northern part of campus, on Northwest Marine Drive (past the rose garden).  It’s a beautiful building when you look at it from the back, but when you’re coming in from the front it does’t look like much at all.  There’s some very pretty landscape around the museum, although I don’t understand why there are sprinklers in the middle of the pond.

Inside are a lot of artifacts from different cultures; most notably, Northwest First Nations cultures*.  When I say “a lot”, I really mean a lot.  You could easily spend an entire day looking at the all the displays and reading descriptions.  I’m not a museum person myself, but I actually found that there were a lot of things that attracted my attention.  Those masks were pretty freaky! I want to borrow one for Halloween.

But because it’s an English class, there’s another big assignment we have to do.  Urgh. 

I’m glad she made us go to the MOA, though, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have gone on my own.  Going to the museum is another thing that all UBC students should do (is it just me, or do I do recommendations a lot?).

So when you have time (and I mean when you’re not cramming for midterms), go!

*They have Bill Reid’s Raven and the First Men! It’s one of my favourite sculptures 😀


The First Days

For me, the first days of university incited a whirlwind of emotions.  I felt excited with the prospect of meeting new people, but I felt fear at the thought of rejection.  I felt anxious about getting to class on time, while I also felt bored standing amidst a a gaggle of commuters on the bus.  I felt dread upon hearing of heavy coursework, yet I felt eager to start learning.  And when I sat down for my first ever lecture, I felt very, very small and lost.

But the lonely feelings will pass.  I am sure of it, because KIN FROSH IS COMING TOMORROW.

Whoever create the Kin FROSH website did a great job, because I’m psyched! Camping for two nights in Squamish? Team bonding activities? More time away from my parents?  Oh, yes!

It’ll be the best chance for me to get to really know people in my faculty, which is especially important because I’m not staying in residence, unfortunately.  Meeting in people in class is fine, but I have the feeling that I’m not going to see many of the people I sat beside during lectures often.  So here’s to friends and faculty bonding and other fun stuff during FROSH!

One last note before the weekend: the Chapman Learning Commons (actually, the whole library in general) was packed during lunchtime.  There was a line just to use the public computers, and all the seating space was taken up.  From what I saw, I suggest that if you simply must work at lunch time, you should bring your own laptop.  No lines + the flexibility of sitting anywhere + added security!