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Happy Monday!

Here is a picture to kick-start your week! ūüôā

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Attention iOS 6 users!

So this morning my parents showed me something interesting today. ¬†As you might know, I do my drawings on an iPad, which I’ve recently updated to the new operating system.

With this update came a cookie setting that allows companies to track your app and internet usage. In other words, they are getting information about you and your browsing history straight from your tablet (or iPod, or iPhone).  This information is used to tailor the ads that show up in applications and such, catering to what they perceive as your needs.

The sneaky bit? The setting was turned on immediately after the update, and I had no idea. I feel so violated harrumph.

You can find the option to turn it off by going to Settings > General > Advertising. ¬†The option is posed in double negative, so you actually want to turn the option (“Limit Ad Tracking”) on.

There are more iOS 6 secrets? Look here.

This was an FYI brought to you by a grumpy college student.

Christmas decorations are up? Ridiculous.

I went to Metrotown mall the other day (if you haven’t gone lately, go! I swear half the shops have changed…), and I finally bought a pair of rain boots. No longer am I a failure of a Vancouverite!¬†because all Vancouver residents wear rubber boots.

Anyways, when I was there I noticed that there were Christmas decorations gracing the ceilings and the atriums. Whaaaaaat?!

C’mon, people. ¬†November has just started. ¬†We haven’t even had Remembrance Day yet.¬†Why are we putting up baubles and garland already? ¬†Can’t we just, y’know, hold it in for another week and a half?

Remembrance¬†Day might not be a fun holiday, yes, but it’s an important one. ¬†Not just for war veterans, but especially for us who have never experienced the effects of war. ¬†I think we do the veterans and the men and women who served in war a disservice by not taking time to just respectfully observe their sacrifice.

What think you?

Movember is here!

This is Turry. Obviously, I can’t grow a ‘stache so it’s up to him to do it for me!

The best part of this month is all the¬†moustaches! Really. ¬†Also, raised awareness for men’s health!

and spell-check is telling me that ‘mustachio’ is actually a word what.

Happy Halloween!

This year, I’ve got the wickedest set-up at my house.

Meet Red. ¬†He’s going to be ‘opening’ the door and greeting all the kiddies tonight! Hopefully he doesn’t freak them out too much.

He came to me via my uncle, who’s colleague was a personal injuries lawyer. ¬†Thus, he obtained the skeleton and passed it on to lucky ol’ me!

Red is also going to be my study buddy for anatomy class (KIN 190). ¬†Thank goodness, because then I won’t have to trek all the way to Osbourne to study bones! ¬†Not to mention that all the skeletons in my anatomy lab seem to have back problems.

So yes, we’re going to be good friends.

But it doesn’t mean I’m not freaked out every time I glance at him. *shudder*